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Madison, WI – Business Coach Offers Strategic Planning for Local Hospitals

SYNOPSIS: Business and Executive Coach Jeff Pitcel utilizes over three decades of experience as a vice president of operations to create efficiency in daily operations management and team development.

Hospitals: Hire a Coach for Strategic Planning

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Creating a strategic plan is a resourceful and effective way to achieve business goals. If you own a hospital and currently wish to improve your hospital’s daily operations, enhance your marketing and branding, increase productivity, create more organization within departments, and more, creating a strategic plan provides structure to your pursuit.

What Is a Strategic Plan?

A strategic plan is a document with instructions to create and achieve current business goals of improvement in productivity, organization, marketing, higher revenue, and more. A strategic plan consists of mid and long-term business goals, the objectives to achieve those goals, human and material resources, action plans, and a deadline.

A strategic plan allows businesses to continuously reach established targets and create and recreate cost-effective, efficient, and time-saving solutions to significant challenges. 

Additionally, a strategic plan created with critical assessment and analyses of a certified business coach assures your plan is thorough, concise, and purposeful.

Why Hospitals Need Strategic Planning

In hospitals, organization, prioritization, refined processes, and timeliness are integral in providing excellent care to clients. A strategic plan embodies these necessities: it creates organization and structure and provides information to achieve goals that produce results within a specific timeframe.

A strategic plan provides step-by-step instructions with the information on the team, tools, and material resources you need to make significant improvements and solutions to reach your hospital’s goals.  

By planning, you create goals using a critical approach such as a business assessment, financial assessment, and feedback from staff, medical suppliers, and more to ensure they’re purposeful and relevant to daily operations and processes.

My Strategic Planning Process

  • I conduct a SWOT analysis: we will identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to create purposeful goals and objectives conducive to goal achievement.
  • I use financial assessments to determine where your hospital sits compared to the benchmark and top 10 percent of the medical industry.
  • I assess your purpose, mission, vision, and values to incorporate into your goals and marketing. 
  • I will create action and performance plans with KPIs to measure progress with time management implementation, leadership development, new hire orientation and training, team skill development, and other potential goals
  • We will conduct check-ins to track progress on goals and assess any stagnation or challenges.

What to Expect When Working With Me

  • I conduct a business assessment to determine if your hospital aligns with your mission, vision, and goals as stated in your business plan.
  • We look at the key constraints and help you set goals to adjust, change, or remove limitations to maintain marketplace competitiveness.
  • We identify the key results areas available to optimize.
  • I will act as the objective facilitator in communicating your strategic plan with your leaders.

Hospitals ready to achieve efficiency, structure, and development using a strategic plan can book a consultation with me today.

“Best Business Coach in Middleton, WI”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Dane County: Middleton, WI


“Best Business Coach in Middleton, WI”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Dane County: Middleton, WI

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Madison, WI – Business Coach Offers Strategic Planning for Local Hospitals