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Madison, AL – The Risks of an Improperly Installed Vapor Barrier – Waterproofing

An improperly installed vapor barrier will not work as it should. In fact, it could wind up causing more problems than you started with. Stay safe and choose an experienced Madison vapor barrier installation company. Read this blog as we discuss the many risks associated with an improperly installed vapor barrier. Risks of an Improperly Installed Vapor Barr…

Madison, AL – Is My Concrete Crawl Space at Risk? – Waterproofing News

Excess water and moisture are the root of all evil for your home’s crawl space. Water and moisture can lead to many crawl space problems, from mold, mildew, and structural damage to foundation shifting and cracks. Your Crawl Space is at Risk When your crawl space lacks proper protection, there’s a plethora of potential problems that can arise. Cracks:…

Madison, AL – How to Reduce the Risk of Pests in Your Home – Moisture Control

If you aren’t careful, your home is not only the place where your heart is but the place where pests live. Cockroaches, spiders, ants, and other pests invade your home looking for warmth and food, and in the process, turn your living space into a hellish nightmare. Learn simple tricks to reduce the risk of pest presence in your home in this post. How to Kee…

Decatur, AL – Are Vapor Barriers Right for All Crawl Spaces? – Waterproofing

Vapor barriers aren’t necessary for every Decatur crawlspace, although are highly recommended for most. Installing a vapor barrier offers benefits designed to keep your home structurally sound and comfortable and your family safe and happy. What is a Vapor Barrier? A vapor barrier is a thin sheet of plastic installed into your crawlspace to prevent vapor f…

Decatur, AL – Sneaky Signs of Moisture Problem in Your Home – Waterproofing News

Don’t give moisture a chance to make you sick or destroy your home. If you notice the sneaky signs of excess moisture listed below, take action immediately. Treating moisture-related problems now saves money, prevents damage to your home, and benefits the health of every household member. Signs of Moisture Problems in Your Decatur Home Everyone knows moist…

Decatur, AL – Tips to Lower Energy Costs in Your Home – Waterproofing News

Check out a few of our favorite ways to lower energy costs in your home. These easy tweaks to your home can save hundreds or more dollars every year. Conduct an Energy Audit Schedule a free energy audit from your local electricity company. This free audit identifies the ways you are wasting energy and how to reduce consumption, ultimately saving money on e…

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