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Madison, AL – Should I Avoid Buying A House With Sump Pump? Waterproofing News

You’ve found a beautiful home in Madison in your price range, complete with all the features and fixtures you’ve always dreamed to have in your home.  Then, dreams shatter as you discover the sump pump in the crawl space. Real estate advisors often tell their clients to avoid homes with sump pumps - these devices are often installed after flooding or severe …

Huntsville, AL – Waterproofing Contractors Share 5 Ways Water Enters Your Home

Water can seep into your Alabama home through the basement or crawlspace via numerous entryways. Unwanted water weakens the structural elements of a home and may cause health issues if it lingers for any length of time. Protecting your home from unwanted water can save plenty of undue stress, worry, and expense.   How Water Enters Your Home Water can ente…

Huntsville, AL – How to Remove Crawl Space Odors – Crawl Space Repair News

Jammin’ along to Lynyrd Skynyrd tunes is far more satisfying than singing “Ooooh that smell, Can’t you smell that smell” because a musty odor lingers throughout your home. Musty odors in the crawl space have several potential causes, which you’ll need to identify to rectify the smell -and possibly eliminate damage and the need for expensive repairs.   What…

Madison, AL – Waterproofing Expert on Crawl Space Affects on Indoor Air Quality

Crawl space, smrawl space… who has time to worry about what’s going on underneath the house when the living area has its own problems and needs?  Every homeowner that values their health has time to worry about what’s going on in the crawl space since it affects the indoor air quality at your Madison home.   Indoor Air Quality More Polluted Than Outdoor …

Madison, AL – Crawl Space Repair Expert Shares 5 Waterproofing Mistakes

Crawl space waterproofing mistakes can be as costly as a lack of waterproofing, whether they take your time, money, or a combination of both -as most do. Avoid common mistakes made during crawl space waterproofing in Madison by learning what you shouldn’t do -and following the information to a T. Start with the information below.   Not Dealing With Water…

Madison, AL – Crawl Space French Drains – Mistakes to Avoid – Waterproofing News

A French drain sounds really fancy but it's actually a simple gravel ditch with an embedded pipe used to divert water away from your home. If you want to install a French drain in your crawl space, there are several things to keep in mind so you don’t make major mistakes during the project. First and most importantly, hire expert crawl space contractors t…

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