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Hopewell, NJ – Sales Training Advice for Restaurants | Business Coaching News

SYNOPSIS: As a FocalPoint business coach based in Hopewell, NJ and working with local restaurant owners, I developed this in-depth guide to constructing sales training programs for restaurant staff that drive c

Restaurant Revenue Growth: Targeted Sales Training

BY: Fred Ewig, FocalPoint Business Coaching of Lawrence, NJ

With years of experience advising food service entrepreneurs throughout New Jersey as a FocalPoint coach, I’ve seen unrefined hospitality and sales skills sabotage too many eateries. Owners often hyper focus on perfecting menus while underestimating the impact front-of-house staff have in converting first-time patrons into raving, high-spending regulars.

Especially in a crowded culinary market like Hopewell, NJ, survival hinges on more than quality ingredients. Training staff to turn every guest interaction into a 5-star experience and capitalize on upselling opportunities at each touchpoint future-proofs sustainability.

Yet many owners hesitate investing the time and resources to skill up entire teams. Some assume good service should come naturally or struggle seeing returns on something as “soft” as training. Others inherit disengaged front line workers resistant to change.

Based on proven frameworks with area dining spots, I designed this guide to demystify constructing targeted sales training for your restaurant – no matter how experienced staff may be. Let’s walk through the key steps:

Lay the Groundwork

Before day one of any curriculum, owners must prepare staff and systems. Meet individually with employees to explain coming training, set revenue goals, and discuss concerns. Adjust incentives to reward sales metrics. Share success stories of other restaurants’ post-training growth. Introduce managers to new coaching duties.

Early one-on-ones plant seeds for buy in. They also allow you to assess skills gaps and obstacles unique to each staff member versus making blanket assumptions. Personalized understanding lets you customize portions of the training accordingly.

Start with the Basics

Curriculum day one focuses on core hospitality principles. Review standards for greeting timing, guest seating policies, courtesy guidelines, complaint handling and table touching. Getting the basics right establishes the infrastructure enabling advanced sales conversations.

Also devote time to deep product knowledge training across the entire menu. Servers who can speak first-hand to ingredients, preparation styles, sourcing and so on guide guests more confidently towards that premium bottle of wine or daily special. Tasting sessions are invaluable for allowing staff to sample items.

When refreshing hospitality basics, encourage questions and conversations. Adult learners value understanding the why behind policies as much as the what. Connect standards directly to sales goals and guest satisfaction metrics whenever possible.

Progress to Sales Conversations

With fundamentals locked down, advance training towards sales conversations and suggestive selling techniques. Devote lesson modules to topics like:

– Upselling alcohol based on food pairings
– Guiding guests through multi-course decisions
– Weaving mentions of high-margin specials into small talk organically
– Offering add-ons like desserts or side dishes
– Promoting return visits and loyalty programs

Restaurant role playing allows staff to practice dialogues based on scenarios a server may face on any given shift. Have employees rotate through various roles – guest, server, manager – while acting out situations. Practice makes perfecting verbiage more natural over time.

Round out sales training by outlining best practices in obtaining guest feedback and online reviews. Consistent rave reviews cement sustainable patronage and provide social proof to first timers.

Track and Recognize

The work doesn’t end once training wraps up. Savvy owners institute layered progress tracking and rewards programs to keep staff motivated. Consider call out boards displaying top selling employees, small prizes or shout outs during pre-meal meetings for hitting daily metrics goals, and congratulatory cards for earning the most positive mentions in guest feedback.

Public recognition helps good performance compound. Maintain an open door policy for employees to discuss guest interactions that perplex them or ask you to role play trickier scenarios they want to rehearse.

For Hopewell restaurant owners struggling to build regular patronage and scale revenue sustainably through exceptional hospitality, contact me as a local FocalPoint coach specializing in service training frameworks. I welcome the chance to discuss customizing and implementing a tailored restaurant staff education program for your operation. Boosting check averages by as little as 20% through suggestive selling can make all the difference in profitability.

“Best Business Coach in Lawrence Township, NJ”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Mercer County: Lawrence Township, Princeton, Trenton, West Windsor Township, Hopewell, NJ


“Best Business Coach in Lawrence Township, NJ”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Mercer County: Lawrence Township, Princeton, Trenton, West Windsor Township, Hopewell, NJ

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Hopewell, NJ – Sales Training Advice for Restaurants | Business Coaching News