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Houston TX – Discussing FAQs About Commercial Metal Roofing Replacement Services

SYNOPSIS: Certified Commercial Roofing addresses the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding full-scale metal roof system replacements for commercial buildings and multi-family residential structur

Top Questions: Commercial Metal Roof Replacements

BY: Rickey Evans, Certified Commercial Roofing

For commercial property owners and managers in Houston, knowing when an aging metal roof requires major repairs, restoration or full replacement represents a crucial yet often confusing decision. To simplify the process, Certified Commercial Roofing lays out answers to the 12 most common questions we receive about replacing commercial metal roofing systems to stop leaks, rust and damage issues.

Q: Why might my older commercial building need a full metal roof replacement versus minor repairs?

A: There are telltale signs indicating a commercial metal roof has essentially reached end-of-life through gradual wear – including ongoing leaks, rust spots forming at screw bases, significant dents or punctures from storms, and granule loss exposing the interior asphalt compounds to UV damage. Unlike with residential roofs, repeatedly patching small sections on expansive commercial structures proves highly ineffective. The entire system must be removed and replaced for optimal integrity.

Q: How do I know if a basic metal roof restoration will suffice versus full replacement?

A: In situations with intact structural decking and minimal water ingress currently happening, we may recommend a restorative recoating to reinstate your weatherproofing, add 15+ years of lifespan and excellent ROI. This includes intensive cleaning, metal panel refastening, flashing replacements, and applying specialized protective metal roof coatings. Yet for aging roofs with substantial leaks/rust, full system replacement becomes the only recourse.

Q: What companies specialize in large-scale commercial metal roof replacement?

A: Due to expansive square footage on commercial buildings, greatly heightened safety risks working at heights, specialized equipment/crew training requirements and intricate design specifications – very few roofing contractors possess credentials and expertise to properly install new wide-swath metal roofing systems on commercial projects. Certified Commercial Roofing ranks among the most experienced metal roof replacement experts serving Houston building owners.

Q: How disruptive is it to daily business operations during metal roof tear-off and reinstallation?

A: Unlike more modular roof membrane systems installed in sections, metal roofing replacement demands removing the entire existing metal deck prior to installing the new panels. This means around 1-2 weeks of rather intensive demolition, substrate repairs then reconstituting the complete watertight metal roof system across your building. We work closely with each client to schedule the project during periods least disruptive to business activities.

Q: What commercial metal roofing materials do you recommend?

A: Standing seam metal panels made of 24-26 gauge steel or aluminum represent well-proven roofing materials across all types of Houston commercial buildings – able to withstand our heavier weather loads and temperature extremes. Metal thicknesses and coating types – like Galvalume or Galvanized finishes – get determined based on roof size/shape/slope specifications. We help clients narrow down to exact metal roofing products optimized for each application.

Q: How long should a new commercial metal roof last in Houston?

A: Unlike membrane roofs more vulnerable to weathering factors, water tightness breaches and UV damage – professionally installed high quality commercial metal roofs typically deliver 40-60 years of reliable performance in Houston when using reputable materials, specifications and veteran installers. This allows commercial property investors and owners to pencil out excellent long-range ROI from metal roof replacements.

Q: Why is an integrated roof drainage system important with metal roofing?

A: Due to sleek low-friction coatings beneath metal roof panels that accelerate water runoff speeds, sufficient integrated drainage capacity including interior drains, pipes, overflow scuppers and downspouts proves essential. Certified Commercial Roofing always custom designs integrated drainage during any metal roof replacement to handle Houston’s intense rainfall levels. Preventing water accumulation lessens load strain and extends the roof lifespan.

Q: Do you need to add extra sheathing insulation with new metal roofs?

A: Particularly with steel panel options conducting more exterior temperature inward and lacking inherent insulation properties, installing a base layer of polyisocyanurate or fiberglass roof insulation boards adds vital energy efficiency for Houston buildings. This sheathing helps moderate interior hot/cold swings to reduce HVAC overload and costs. Certified Commercial Roofing determines your ideal insulation needs based on building architecture, occupancy and energy usage.

Q: Are there ways to make metal roofs more eco-friendly?

A: From solar panel integration capability to highly recyclable base materials at end-of-lifespan to cool roof energy efficiency – metal offers inherent environmental advantages over other commercial roofing products. Yet we also recommend recycled content metal materials, plus additional green roof elements like non-chemical stormwater capture systems, plant covering and PV concepts customized for each commercial property.

Q: What building or fire code regulations apply for Houston commercial metal roofing?

A: The latest approved ICC and International Building Codes enforced across Houston and Harris County demand rigorous certification and documentation for any new commercial scale metal roofing materials and construction methodologies. This includes meeting stringent wind uplift, fire rating, loading/weight minimums, and environmental stability benchmarks. Certified Commercial Roofing remains fully versed and compliant with all relevant codes to deliver safely optimized roof solutions.

Q: What guarantees or warranties can I expect on full commercial metal roof replacement?

A: Reputable U.S. metal panel manufacturers offer at least 30-40 year limited warranties covering defects, excessive corrosion, property damage from leaks, etc. Backed by third-party sustainability certifications like UL 2218 Class IV hail rating for steel substrates, these material warranties give clients like schools, medical centers and plant owners lasting peace of mind. Additionally, Certified Commercial Roofing provides up to 10-year workmanship warranties on installation labor.

Q: Does a metal roof require any regular maintenance?

A: Unlike “set it and forget it” roof membrane systems more prone to undetected issues until failures occur, commercial metal roofs allow easy visual inspection and access for periodic maintenance as needed. This includes clearing debris buildup on gutters/drains, recoating small scrapes/scratches to avoid rust creep, re-securing any loose panel fasteners, removing rooftop soils/grime and inspecting flashings/joints for any deficiencies annually. We supply clients with metal roof care guidelines.

Does your Houston commercial property or multi-family housing complex need a metal roofing replacement to stop ongoing leaks, rust or systemic damage? As the region’s most experienced installer of wide-span metal roofing systems on hotels, distribution centers, manufacturing plants and residential structures – Certified Commercial Roofing delivers rapid response for bids, unmatched expertise from roof demolition through new panel installation, plus strong leak-free performance warranties on all work. Contact us today for your upcoming metal roof replacement project!

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“Best Roofer in Houston, TX”

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Harris County: Houston, Katy, Pearland, Missouri City, Sugar Land, TX

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Houston TX – Discussing FAQs About Commercial Metal Roofing Replacement Services