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Houston, TX – Some TPO Roofing FAQs Answered by Certified Commercial Roofers

SYNOPSIS: As certified commercial roofers in Houston, we frequently get asked about TPO roofing and its suitability for buildings in this climate. In this article, we answer common questions building owners hav

TPO Roofing - What Building Owners Need to Know

BY: Rickey Evans, Certified Commercial Roofing

As licensed commercial roofing contractors serving Houston, we at Certified Commercial Roofing have installed TPO roofing systems on all types of buildings. Recently, we’ve seen building owners, property managers, architects and engineers asking more questions about thermoplastic polyolefin or TPO roofing and how well it performs in Houston’s climate.

In this article, our team of certified TPO roofing installers aims to answer the most frequently asked questions we receive about TPO from Houston building owners like you.

What Type of Buildings Should Have TPO Roofing in Houston?

With Houston’s hot and humid climate, TPO is a great choice for flat or low-sloped large commercial buildings like warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail stores and schools. Its reflective white surface reduces cooling costs, and TPO resists moisture, rain, wind and other elements. TPO may not be right for certain steep-sloped residential roofs, so we suggest consulting an expert if considering it for your home.

What Makes TPO Roofing Systems An Ideal Choice?

There are several key characteristics that make TPO an excellent commercial roofing solution:

  • Durability: Its thick, flexible membrane can withstand heavy foot traffic, storms, hail, falling debris and more. With proper maintenance, TPO roofs have a lifespan up to 30 years.
  • Weatherproofing Abilities: The TPO membrane is virtually impermeable to water, moisture and humidity, protecting buildings from leaks, while making it suitable for low slope applications.
  • Reflectivity: White TPO membranes reflect sunlight rather than absorb heat which reduces cooling costs significantly. This energy efficiency makes the return on investment faster.
  • Ease of Installation: TPO roofing systems install faster than other commercial roofing options, using mechanical fastening, bonding or ballasting depending on the building’s needs.
  • Sustainability: TPO contains no chlorine or plasticizers and can be recycled. Using TPO positively impacts a facility’s environmental footprint.

How Much Does TPO Roofing Cost in Houston?

Compared to other commercial roofing materials, installed costs for TPO tend to be very affordable. We provide free estimates, as the complexity of each roof we install is unique.

What About Maintenance for TPO Roof Systems?

One of TPO’s advantages is its low maintenance requirements compared to other commercial roof types. Still, facility managers should have yearly inspections to check for damage, clear debris, and ensure proper drainage. Any minor repairs can extend the roof’s lifespan. We offer maintenance contracts or one-off annual inspections for peace of mind.

What About Insulation With TPO Roofing Systems?

TPO membrane offers little insulation value on its own to combat Texas heat. However, it pairs excellently with rigid board insulation like polyiso or flat stock panels. Adding a layer of insulation to a TPO roof system can further reduce facility cooling costs. We determine the necessary insulation R-value based on each building’s unique needs during our consultation and quote process.

Can You Get TPO Roofing in Colors Besides White?

While white remains the most popular color for its energy efficiency, TPO membrane does come in nine additional colors like gray, tan and terra cotta. Building owners less concerned with reflectivity can choose another shade. However, darker colors will absorb more heat. There are limitations on color choice for certain types of TPO roof assembly. Consult us early when color is a consideration.

As the leading commercial roofing company in Houston, we specialize in TPO installation and maintenance. Reach out with any lingering questions!

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“Best Roofer in Houston, TX”

Top Rated Local Roofing Contractor / Roofing Repair / Upgrades / Installation Company

Harris County: Houston, Katy, Pearland, Missouri City, Sugar Land, TX

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Houston, TX – Some TPO Roofing FAQs Answered by Certified Commercial Roofers