Certified Commercial Roofing Company is a locally owned family business in Houston, TX that serves the greater areas of East Texas and Louisiana going on twenty years. Certified Commercial Roofing Company offers both new roof installation and roof maintenance to address all your TPO, metal, and flat roofing needs.

Single-Ply Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are also referred to as low-slope roofs because they are often sloped at no more than ten degrees to allow for a slight pitch for runoff. This type of roof is very common for commercial spaces for a variety of reasons. Single-ply roofs can last around thirty years, which can be a cost-saving solution for many commercial business properties. Additionally, flat roofs are easier to access for maintenance and can be storage spaces for mechanical units such as air conditioners. This roofing solution is more low risk in installation because it does not require dangerous or hot elements.

Water and Single-Ply Flat Roofs

The biggest concern for single-ply flat roofs is whether not they are installed properly to handle the elements. Specifically, the material installed on a flat roof, also known as the membrane, is there to provide waterproofing. When installed correctly, a single-ply flat roof will be set at a slight incline to allow for natural water runoff, often through a gutter system. If not installed properly or in the event of a membrane failure, call on Certified Commercial Roofing Company for roofing repair.

Repairing Flat Roofs

Certified Commercial Roofing Company offers competitive pricing and is fully insured and bonded. Repairing a single-ply flat roof will depend on the amount of damage done to the roof and whether or not it was originally installed by Certified Commercial Roofing Co or another roofing company. However, Certified Commercial Roofing Company offers a two-year guarantee on all roofing repairs, labor, and materials. Call or visit our website for a free estimate today.