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Milpitas, CA – Auto Repair Shop Lists the Most Common Audi A8 Problems

SYNOPSIS: The Audi A8 is an example of European luxury at its best. It will give you many years of driving pleasure if you keep up with scheduled maintenance and have us accomplish repairs.

Well-known Audi A8 breakdowns from a Repair Shop

BY: Eduardo Porta, Fremont Foreign Auto

The Audi A8 is a high-end, expensive luxury sedan. Newly designed safety, entertainment, fuel-efficiency innovations, and many other aspects will be shown first in the technology of Audi’s flagship automobile, the A8. You may find in older Audis the luxury and technology you desire without the expense of buying new.

However, being on the cutting edge of technological innovation opens up a manufacturer to problems with equipment whose technology is not yet mature enough to be reliable. Also, keeping up with the pricing strategies of tough competitors such as Lexus or Hyundai makes it necessary to cut costs. Sometimes this cost-cutting results in under-designed components lacking the service life you would hope for.

Many A8 problems involve the fuel system leaking from the fuel rail or the hoses leading to it. A fuel smell in the cabin is how a fuel leak is usually noticed. Don’t leave this to chance, as a fuel leak can have tragic consequences. We will replace parts to avoid incipient leaks and the bad parts themselves.

A8 owners have found water in the windshield area and soaked rugs. Blocked plenum and sunroof drains will result in rainwater accumulating at the base of the windshield and other interior places. If this water ends up in the wrong place, electrical shorts and even a fire can result. We will check all your drains and advise on a course of action, such as not parking under a tree.

You probably have a loose timing chain if you hear a metallic clatter. When a timing chain loosens due to wear, it bangs against the side of its housing, causing quite a rattle. This noise is particularly loud before the engine warms up. Catastrophic engine damage will result if this is allowed to continue.

An electronic handbrake is an example of not-quite-mature technology. If you notice sluggish acceleration or squealing from the brakes, the electronic handbrake will need to be replaced. If enough damage has resulted, the calipers may also have perished.

The Audi MMI (multi-media interface) system controls audio and navigation. This is more forward-thinking but problematic technology. The MMI installed in the A8 has been plagued with software and hardware failures. Repair prices vary with the time and parts involved; our expert electrical specialist will diagnose and fix yours.


When the door micro switches go bad, it will cause the doors on your A8 to stick, be hard to open, or not lock with the remote. We will fit new door microswitches and get you back on the road.

If you notice your A8’s power steering not working as it should, it is likely caused by a leaky return hose to the power steering fluid reservoir. We will replace the bad hose and leak-check the entire system.

If your A8 rides like an ox cart, chances are the air suspension has failed. The air compressor is the most likely suspect, but this complex system has many failure points. We will leak-check the system, find the perished parts, look for those likely to fail soon, and recommend a way to get you back on the road with the comfort and reliability you bought this car for.

A metallic clatter from the front of the vehicle, especially noticeable on rough roads, may be caused by worn multi-link suspension components. Besides the noise, uneven tire wear and wheel alignment problems can result from worn suspension parts. Our technician will replace the battered parts and align all four wheels to give you the best steering luxury sedan in the business.

Carbon buildup in the intake system results in decreased power and gas mileage in direct-injection engines like the Audi A8. You may notice less power, illuminated check engine light, and an uneven idle. In other fuel injection systems, gasoline flowing through the injectors cleanses the intake system. The A8 uses direct injection, so gasoline does not flow through common carbon buildup areas. Our mechanic will clean the intake manifold, cylinder head intake ports, and intake valves. Audis have needed this service with only 20,000 miles.

If you notice a pink fluid puddle under the center of your A8, a leak may have developed from a defective propeller shaft seal where the transmission connects to the driveshaft. Our technician will replace the seal and get you back on the road without the annoying leak.

After the engine starts, a popping sound from the back of the vehicle is the leak detection pump putting air in the fuel tank to test the system for air leaks. You may encounter the engine refusing to start without a long period of cranking the starter. The reason for this problem is a worn-out N80 valve. A new part will solve your problem.

Worn-out bushings cause a clunking noise from your A8’s suspension. These are rubber attach points where suspension and steering parts move around each other. They deteriorate with age; you will most likely notice this when driving over bumps. We will replace these parts to give you the ride you expect from a premium luxury car.

The crankcase ventilation hoses on A8s are known to develop oil leaks. We will replace these parts and inspect for other incipient part failures.

The Audi’s V8 engine has two turbochargers that can fail if the source of lubricating oil is cut off. Audi claims turbo failure results from neglected service, a poorly installed oil filter, or a poor oil supply to the turbocharger. A blocked oil screen or a backed-up oil filter can cause this. The only way to remedy this problem is to replace expensive turbochargers. This is an example of why engine oil must be changed on the factory schedule with quality oil and a factory filter (not from an oil changer business).

If you encounter these or any other maintenance needs for your Audi A8, visit our website or call for an appointment at your convenience. Our ASE-certified technicians will get you back on the road, knowing you have many trouble-free miles in front of you.

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“Best Auto Repair Shop in Fremont, CA”

Top Rated Local Automotive Repair Company / Garage / Mechanics

East Bay Area: Fremont, Milpitas, Newark, Union City, Sunol, CA

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Milpitas, CA – Auto Repair Shop Lists the Most Common Audi A8 Problems