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Sunol, CA – Causes of Car Air Conditioning Leaks | Auto Repair Mechanic’s Advice

SYNOPSIS: Life can be hard with a broken air conditioner in your car. Here are some causes and symptoms of air conditioning leaks, so you can keep an eye on your air conditioning system.

Car AC Leaks Identified by a Auto Mechanic

BY: Eduardo Porta, Fremont Foreign Auto

We can all agree that having a working air conditioning system is a MUST in California, no matter where you are, or what time of year it is. Hot weather can always strike, so you must make sure that your air conditioning system is in tip-top shape. One of the main reasons for air conditioning failures is a leak in the air conditioning system.

Common Causes of Air Conditioning Leaks

First, lets take a look at the common causes of air conditioning leaks. Your air conditioning system can have many failure points, and so there are many areas where leaks can occur along the system. The three most common causes of air conditioning leaks are:

  1. Natural Wear and Tear

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that our machines don’t last forever. A common cause of leaks in air conditioning systems is simple wear and tear of the components. There are many mechanical components that can wear out, which gives the refrigerant plenty of opportunities to escape over the lifetime of the system.

  1. Moisture

Moisture within the air conditioning system itself can cause a variety of problems, including corrosion of components, and damage from ice formation. Typically, an air conditioning system has machinery in it to remove moisture from the air, which is why cars will sometimes leak water on very hot days. However, if this machinery fails, or water finds some other way in, then it may freeze in the parts of the system that get very cold, which can introduce holes that leak.

  1. Damage from road debris

It’s also possible for parts to become damaged due to impact from debris while driving, especially on a gravelly surface. This same sort of damage can also be a result of sandstorms. All it takes is one good nick, before you’re leaking and susceptible to further damage from moisture contamination.

What Are the Signs of Air Conditioning Leaks?

If you are wondering now whether or not your air conditioning is leaking, you can look out for these signs:

  1. It blows warm air.

This will probably be the most noticeable problem. Your air conditioning system requires refrigerant to actually cool down, and if the refrigerant is gone due to a leak, then you’ll find your vents blowing out warm air instead of cold air.

  1. You can hear the clutch clicking.

This is another symptom of low refrigerant in your air conditioning system. The clutch that kicks in to make the system activate relies on a certain amount of pressure maintained by the refrigerant, and when levels are low, the system will end up working harder, making audible noises (and also wearing the parts out faster).

  1. You can see ice around the compressor.

If you check under the hood and notice that the lines are frosted and icy, this is an indication that moisture has gotten into your system and frozen over. If moisture can get in, then refrigerant can leak out, meaning that you’ll soon be on your way to having a fully broken air conditioner.

Thankfully, a lot of these signs are pretty obvious, but it’s always important to pay attention and to have your systems checked out by experts.

Visit us at Fremont Foreign Auto Repair to Service Your Car’s Air Conditioning System!

We here at Fremont Foreign Auto Repair have plenty of experience in servicing and repairing vehicle air conditioning systems. If you’re in the Sunol area, come on down or give us a call at 510-793-6067 to set up an appointment or get a price quote.

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Sunol, CA – Causes of Car Air Conditioning Leaks | Auto Repair Mechanic’s Advice