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Fort Myers, FL

by: Jose Carvahlo

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Fort Myers, FL – First Step to Choosing a Contractor for Your Renovation Project

Hiring a general residential contractor in Fort Myers to remodel your dream kitchen or renovate your master bath can be an anxiety producing project. At Stone and Tile from Portugal, we want to help you by laying out a pathway to eliminate those contractors that don’t fit what you need, so you can confidently hire...

Fort Myers, FL – Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Home Remodeling Project

Selecting the right company for your remodeling project in Fort Myers, FL is no easy feat. Like any type of home improvement project, your remodel is going to transform your home, and it also represents a large investment in your home. That means you need to do some research before deciding on which contractor to...

Fort Myers, FL – Six Great Reasons To Invest Now In A Bathroom Remodel Project

A bathroom renovation or remodel is a large undertaking, however the payoff can be tremendous. Whether you find yourself itching to remodel and are searching for the perfect prompt to do so, or you have a sneaking suspicion that now is finally the time to make that bathroom your dream bathroom, these six reasons to...

Fort Myers, FL – The Right Materials for Your Remodeling Project | Renovations

We’ve spent most the past few weeks talking about using the right natural stone in the best ways for your renovation or remodeling project, but this week we want to tell you a bit about some man-made alternatives that are still high-end additions to your home. When it comes to return on investment, these materials...

Fort Myers, FL – Natural Stone: Upgrade to Your Florida Home Renovation Project

This month we’ve been giving you a comprehensive overview of several popular stone materials we carry at Stone and Tile from Portugal . Get in touch today to learn how we can make your home look beautiful using natural stone! We can help you decide which type of stone is best for your specific project....

Fort Myers, FL – Choosing the Right Materials to Upgrade Your Home | Renovations

When it comes to kitchen and bath renovations, one of the ways to truly upgrade your look is by having us use gorgeous natural stone as part of the project, whether it be for flooring, countertops, or as shower walls or backsplashes. But different types of stone work best in different areas of your house,...


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