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Fort Myers, FL – Natural Stone: Upgrade to Your Florida Home Renovation Project

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Stone and Tile From Portugal Kitchen DesignsThis month we’ve been giving you a comprehensive overview of several popular stone materials we carry at Stone and Tile from Portugal . Get in touch today to learn how we can make your home look beautiful using natural stone! We can help you decide which type of stone is best for your specific project. At Stone and Tile from Portugal, we’ve helped countless homeowners select the right materials for their kitchen, bath, outdoor space, or floor. 

We also provide professional installation for any stone we offer.


Quartzite is an abundant metamorphic rock made of natural quartz and sandstone. Pressure deep beneath the Earth blends the two materials together. During the process, the empty grains of sandstone become filled with quartz. The result is a much harder stone than natural quartz.

Quartzite looks glassy in appearance, and some say it resembles marble. Quartzite is porous so it must be sealed before use as a countertop or floor. The sealant will need to be replaced a couple of times a year. As with a lot of natural stone, stains can occur so it’s important to wipe up spills, like red wine, quickly. 

Colors generally range from white to gray, but it can come in many colors including pink, red or orange hues when iron oxide is present in the stone, and yellow, blue, green, and orange when other minerals are present. Regardless of the color, quartzite includes streaking due to pressure applied during its formation. 

Quartzite is harder than granite, looks like marble, and withstands heat and UV rays well, making it a great option for outside use. Quartzite requires sealing twice a year. If using it as a kitchen countertop, you need to use a cutting board, as it can be scratched by hard objects and is also susceptible to chips and dents.

Best uses for quartzite include: Kitchen counters; Bath counters; Outdoor kitchens; Bathtub and shower surrounds


A geologist would call onyx banded calcite. It is a unique natural stone created by dripstones in limestone caves. As water drips from stalactites and stalagmites within a cave, it evaporates, leaving a compound called calcium carbonate. This process leaves the colorful veins, swirls and patterns that are unique to onyx. 

Onyx is a crystalline stone and looks like a gemstone with wavy bands of amber, white and ivory blended together throughout the stone. It can be nearly translucent and allow light to pass through. Its translucency varies between onyx slabs and depends on its color, thickness, and surface finish. Onyx comes in a wide range of yellow hues due to the presence of iron deposits in the stone. Green, white, orange, gold, pink and brown are also common colors.

Onyx is also called onyx marble, Mexican onyx, or Egyptian alabaster. It can be quite fragile and may not hold up well in a busy kitchen. It’s better used in parts of the kitchen that don’t see heavy use like backsplashes or accent tiles. Since it’s translucent, onyx can be backlit for a truly stunning effect. It’s lightweight when compared to granite and marble, and it’s a luxurious material choice that increases a home’s value. Keep in mind onyx is brittle and fairly soft, meaning it’s vulnerable to scratches and chips, and can be eroded by acidic substances. So if you spill vinegar or something like that on it, be sure to clean it up immediately and thoroughly.

Best uses for onyx include: Vertical applications such as Backsplashes or Tile accents; Guest bathrooms; Accent walls; Room dividers


Let Stone and Tile From Portugal help you plan and create your next dream renovation project using the finest quality stone available in Florida.

“Best Home Remodeling Company in Fort Myers, FL”

Top Rated Local Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling / Renovation Contractors

Lee County: Fort Myers, FL


“Best Home Remodeling Company in Fort Myers, FL”

Top Rated Local Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling / Renovation Contractors

Lee County: Fort Myers, FL

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Fort Myers, FL – Natural Stone: Upgrade to Your Florida Home Renovation Project