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by: Jason Ulmer

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Colorado Springs, CO – House Fire? Hire a Local Smoke Damage Repair Company

House Fire

Did you know that the soot and smoke left after a fire is often more harmful than the fire itself? Here’s everything you need to know about the aftereffects of a fire accident!

Even after the flames of a fire have been doused, a fire accident can still acutely damage your property and belongings. For instance, a fire can leave behind dangerous and even poisonous byproducts such as soot and smoke, which just as harmful as the fire itself. Apart from that, firefighting efforts can also result in significant water damage and flooding in your home and building.

Additionally, a fire’s toxic byproducts can even reach particular parts of your property that you can’t see and would never even expect. Hence, the task of reinstating your home to its pre-fire condition is best left to experts.

The fire damage restoration team at the Service Team of Professionals (STOP) has the necessary equipment and training needed to evaluate the damage caused by the fire. Plus, we can help you bring back your home to its pre-fire state swiftly and promptly.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a local smoke damage repair company after your home has been through a fire accident.

Evaluate the Damage Caused

Fires in the workplace or home vary in the level of damage they cause. The professionals at STOP will start the remediation process by inspecting the affected space to evaluate the amount of destruction caused by the fire. This will allow us to work out if your property’s structure is a total loss or if there’s potential to rebuild or restore it.

Clean Your Property

Cleaning up a property after a fire accident is a tough task because of all the rubble and smoke around. STOP has more than four decades of experience in the field of professional restoration. Our specialists are adept at determining the structural integrity and can devise a plan to clean up your property and restore it most efficiently.

Carry Out Smoke Remediation

The smoke from a fire can engulf the walls, floors and ceilings of your home. Moreover, the smoke and fire are accompanied by soot, which is extremely acidic and can lead to further damage. For example, soot can land inside the ventilation systems, inside carpet fibers, it can get absorbed into glass and accumulate over your possessions.

STOP offers extensive smoke damage restoration services to restore your property as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our team of trained technicians is IICRC-certified to handle soot, smoke, and fire damage.

Conduct Deodorization

The odor left behind by a fire can linger on your property for several days. Not only will this serve as an unpleasant reminder of the accident, but it’s highly likely that the source of the odor is the residual soot and ash. Things such as carpets, draperies, furniture upholstery and even clothes can absorb smoke-smelling molecules inside them.

Our team at STOP will get to the root of the smell and use a specialized process to break down these molecules and remove any unpleasant odor.

Parting Words

At STOP, we know how petrifying these accidents can be for you. Thus, we ensure that we’re there for you at each step. From promptly reaching your home to evaluating the damage and putting the furniture back in the right spot, we’ve got you covered!

To get in touch with the smoke damage repair team at STOP, dial 719-249-7103 or visit our website now.


“Best Home Restoration Company in Colorado Springs, CO”

Top Rated Local Home Restoration / Water Damage Repair Company

El Paso County: Colorado Springs, Ft Carson, Cimarron Hills, Fountain, Black Forest, CO


“Best Home Restoration Company in Colorado Springs, CO”

Top Rated Local Home Restoration / Water Damage Repair Company

El Paso County: Colorado Springs, Ft Carson, Cimarron Hills, Fountain, Black Forest, CO


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