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Colorado Springs, CO – Mold Growth Problems? Hire a Local Mold Removal Company

Mold Growth

Did you know that prolonged exposure to mold can reduce lung function and lead to asthma? Here’s how a local mold removal company can help you get rid of the problem!

Mold growth occurs in damp and poorly ventilated spaces. Inhaling mold spores or fragments can inflame the airways, leading to nasal congestion, chest tightness, throat irritation, coughing, and wheezing.

Allergic reactions to mold growth are not seasonal and can occur throughout the year. In this article, we will discuss the harmful impact of mold and how to eliminate the problem.

Dangerous, Silent, and Often Invisible

Mold grows in places such as crawl spaces, basements, drywall, cabinets, and areas with water damage. Kitchens and bathrooms can also be a breeding ground for mold spores because of water use and inadequate ventilation.

However, some of the most harmful types of mold are airborne, invisible, and often go undetected, thereby causing the most dangerous problems associated with mold. Since mold is a form of toxin, prolonged exposure to it can compromise impulse control, memory, and problem-solving functions of the brain.

Who is Most Affected by Mold?

Children and elderly people, especially those who already suffer from respiratory diseases or have a compromised immune system may be more affected by mold than a healthy, young adult.

Physical signs of mold exposure can vary from watery, itchy eyes to asthma, to breathing difficulties. For some people, the impact may be more serious such as sinus infections, fatigue, and nausea. Moreover, when a young child’s immune system, which has still not matured, gets exposed to mold, their body can react abnormally, leading to developmental problems.

Prevent Mold Growth

Fortunately, there some techniques to prevent mold growth and prevent harmful consequences. Here are some steps to effectively ward off mold growth:

  • Dry wet areas immediately
  • Ensure proper ventilation to prevent moisture
  • Use mold-resistant products in your property such as mold-resistant drywall
  • Repair and clean roof gutters
  • Direct water away from your home
  • Use a dehumidifier if you live in a humid climate.

What Can You Do to Eliminate Mold?

In case you notice mold growth in your home, the best course of action is to call a professional mold remediation company. At Service Team of Professionals, we provide expert mold remediation services to identify places of mold growth, control its spread, and limit growth at the source. Since we have more than forty years of experience in the industry, we are skilled at offering top-notch mold remediation services both efficiently and safely.

To eliminate the problem of mold growth in your property, our team will carry out three essential steps:

  • Containment of the affected area to ensure that cross-contamination doesn’t take place.
  • Elimination of moisture or water source that leads to mold growth.
  • Removal of visible mold sections and affected items.

Our team of experts will wear personal protective equipment throughout the process and monitor airflow to ensure that mold spores don’t spread to other areas of your property or your building.

Last Few Words

To get in touch with STOP’s mold remediation team, dial 719-249-7103, or visit our website!


“Best Home Restoration Company in Colorado Springs, CO”

Top Rated Local Home Restoration / Water Damage Repair Company

El Paso County: Colorado Springs, CO


“Best Home Restoration Company in Colorado Springs, CO”

Top Rated Local Home Restoration / Water Damage Repair Company

El Paso County: Colorado Springs, CO




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