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Colorado Springs, CO – Fire safety in Medical Facilities | Fire Damage News 

Do you want tips on ensuring fire safety in medical facilities? We have some for you.

In any commercial setting, a fire accident can cause property damage, and can also be life-threatening. In clinics and hospitals, fire damage can be extremely dangerous to the life and health of the patients. Some of the patients admitted to medical facilities are unable to leave their beds if a fire breaks out. Furthermore, medical facilities have a sheer amount of combustible chemicals and drugs, which can worsen the fire damage.


Here are some tips to prevent fire accidents and ensure fire safety in medical facilities.

Preventing Fire Accidents 

The best way to ensure fire safety in hospitals is to prevent it right from the start. The following tips will help you minimize the chances of fire accidents in medical facilities.

No Smoking With the Facility 

Carelessly tossed lit cigarettes are the number one contributors to fire damage. To keep fire accidents from happening, enforce a no smoking policy within the facility. To help the habitual smokers among your staff, designate an outdoor smoking area, away from the patients and the medical equipment. The smoking area must have metal ashtrays to extinguish and dump burnt cigarette butts.

Be Careful With Electrical Equipment and Wiring 

The electrical cords must be in top working condition without damaged or frayed ends. Make sure the electrical cords never run under carpets. Also, never make the horrendous mistake of overloading the extensions or outlets. Also, replace the faulty wiring and appliances, for they are well able to start a fire.

Stay Cautious in Sensitive Areas Stay Cautious

Be extra careful in areas that are more prone to fire accidents. Areas like kitchens, laundry, and dining halls should be taken care of. The lint traps of the washers and dryers must be cleaned thoroughly. Also, make sure that the slightest amount of grease doesn’t accumulate in the kitchen area. Furthermore, flammable items should be stored in safe places.

Fire Alarms Should Be Functional 

Stay aware of the local laws regarding the placement of fire alarms and smoke detectors in medical facilities. A fire alarm or a smoke detector can help you prevent a fire accident promptly, thus adding to the safety of your medical facility.

Fire Safety Tips 

Up until now, we have talked about fire prevention tips in medical facilities.

  • Come up with a fire safety and evacuation plan. To train your staff accordingly, conduct fire drills, to help your staff get used to the process of evacuating the building, in case a fire breaks out.
  • Make sure the fire exits are unlocked and not cluttered.
  • Install fire extinguishers, and train your team to use them in times of need.
  • The staff must know where the fire alarms are, and how they are used.
  • The staff must know how to move the patients to a safe place, in case a fire breaks out.


The aforementioned tips will help you prevent fire accidents, and ensure safety if such an accident takes place.


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“Best Home Restoration Company in Colorado Springs, CO”

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