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Signs and Graphics for the New Butterfly Palladium Venue in Buena Park!

BY: Scott Hoffman, Superior Signs and Graphics

The City of Buena Park will soon have a new attraction: the Butterfly Palladium. With the groundbreaking ceremony just behind us, this venue will exhibit butterflies, hummingbirds, bee colonies, plenty of rain forest plants and a sizable jellyfish aquarium. Complementing these exhibits with a 3D theater is sure to make this a destination for schools as well as nature lovers. When the organization that is spearheading this project held its kickoff gala, they needed some signage and contacted our pros at Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance.

Signs and Graphics for New Venues in Buena Park, CA

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After consulting with the client, we designed and manufactured four signage product types.

Banners. A large building banner introduces residents to the nature of the planned new building. It is easy to read even from across the street. The banner displays the chosen font as well as stylized images of butterflies. For the gala itself, we created a couple of banners that showcase a daytime artist’s vision of the setting.

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A beautiful rendering of the Palladium at night!

Foam core print. This image represents an impressive view of the finished structure. Portrayed after dark, it shows the spectacular colorful light display the building will have. We created the foam core print for an easel display that would become a talking point during the gala.

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Graphics and lettering in the ballroom!

Wall lettering. We designed the wall lettering for the ballroom where the gala took place. Since we used vinyl without a permanent adhesive, the letters remained in place for the event and then were easy to take down. The red lettering displays the font the group has chosen for the venue.

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Graphic panels will lead the way!

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Graphic panels. These panels underscore that the setting is the home to the future Butterfly Palladium. They also outline the various displays that visitors to the new facility will be able to take in. We manufactured these products for the presentation at the actual site.

Why Commission Signage so Early?

Although the actual groundbreaking ceremony happened just a brief time ago, the backers of the Butterfly Palladium are astute business experts. They understood that creating a buzz about a project and whetting consumers’ appetites for the new attraction called for an early start. Although a press release and promotional video are excellent tools, signs and graphics for new buildings in Buena Park, CA, remain highly visible long after the news release is replaced with other announcements.

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Additionally, the consistent display of the venue’s intended purpose makes it easy for educators and parents to start talking about the ability to visit a butterfly “zoo.” This has the potential to create a social media buzz, particularly as the opening date approaches. For the gala, the signage is a must-have simply because it helps those in the room to share the vision that the group associated with the Butterfly Palladium already has. This buy-in is crucial for the successful start and finish of any building project.

In fact, this level of advanced notice is not uncommon in business settings where a company is ready to celebrate a grand opening at some point in the future – usually after renovating and existing structure or building a new store or office. Contact our experts today to find out what signage solutions are indispensable for the new venture you are ready to break ground for.

Signs and Graphics for New Venues in Orange County CA

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Signs and Graphics for the New Butterfly Palladium Venue in Buena Park!