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Bowling Green, KY – Leadership Services for Executives | Business Coaching News

Being an executive requires a strong leadership capability to manage several critical areas of your department and teams to achieve success: strategic plans, action plans, interdepartmental collaboration, team development, and budgets. Developing your leadership skills will give you the confidence to fulfill your responsibilities and lead your team to achiev…

Portland, TN – Developing a Succession Plan | Advice from a Business Coach

Succession planning is the strategization of passing down ownership to a successor upon retirement, changing careers, or passing on. Succession planning ensures your business continues to operate under capable leadership according to your preferences, mission, and values. Succession is an internal transition: you will maintain a lasting legacy within your…

Portland, TN – Strategic Business Transition Options from a Business Coach

A business transition strategy shifts ownership on your terms for the satisfaction of all stakeholders involved and may or may not result in an immediate or gradual exit. Creating a transition strategy will ensure you complete the necessary measures to secure optimal stewardship as the change in ownership takes place. The transition process can be complex…

Bowling Green, KY – Team Motivation Advice from a Local Business Coach

Our staff and our teams are vital to the success of our organizations: highly engaged and motivated teams have greater productivity and performance and go above and beyond to reach their fullest potential – because they find value in their positions and their organization. So when our staff and our teams are unmotivated and disengaged, we find ourselves…

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