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Glasgow, KY – Leadership Development Issues Explained by a Business Coach

SYNOPSIS: Business and Executive Coach Dr. Terry Daniels discusses some leadership development issues that can hinder an individual or company’s potential for growth and expansion.

Cause and Effect of Leadership Development Issues

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As a manager, executive, organizational leader, or director, refining your leadership skills to cultivate high productivity and success in your company or organization and with your team is essential. Taking strategic action, creating an efficient work environment conducive to higher productivity and performance, and motivating your team propels your company or organization forward.

Without capable leadership, poor organization and business habits cause stagnation of organizational growth and significant decline. Today, I want to discuss leadership development issues detrimental to business growth and team development.

Not Leading With Your Mission, Purpose, Vision, and Values

Your team and partners work with you because they resonate with your mission, purpose, vision, and values. Whatever your values, their effectiveness in guiding and motivating your and your team’s performance hinges on how well you communicate and follow those values daily.

Your team will be disengaged if you aren’t running your organization according to your stated mission, purpose, vision, and values: they won’t feel confident in their roles, positions, and future in your organization. The results are detrimental as your team may not perform to their highest potential.

Ineffective Communication

Excellent communication skills are critical for leaders to effectively share organizational goals, manage staff, build an engaging company culture, maintain strategic partnerships, foster collaboration, and uphold business values.

Poor communication skills lead to several organizational issues: misunderstandings, poor conflict management, poor delegation, and teams feeling a lack of understanding, direction, and support in navigating their workspace.

Not Leading With a Strategy

Successful leadership requires the ability to use a strategic approach to actualize their vision of success. A strategy is necessary to conserve resources, provide concise instructions in achieving goals, and take decisive action in moments of uncertainty. No strategic plan in place leaves more room for mistakes, failures, and disorganization that is detrimental to everyday efficiency.

Entrepreneurs must use strategic thinking and planning to grow their organizations – otherwise, they significantly reduce their ability to make informed decisions and risks. Additionally, without a strategy, entrepreneurs risk leading without purpose and straying from their mission, values, and purpose.

Not Maintaining Significant Professional Relationships

One of the most influential aspects of leadership is the ability to join forces with your peers for greater reach and impact. When you form professional relationships, especially with other business owners in your industry, you can connect people, form strategic partnerships, and exchange valuable information on current community trends, events, and shifts in consumer demand.

You lose mutually beneficial business relationships and potential partnerships when you neglect to maintain your relationships inside and outside your network. That means fewer sources of strategic collaboration, opportunities to engage a new market, and fewer outside resources.

Leaders must nourish all professional relationships inside and outside their network to diversify their connections, maintain relationships, effectively network, and improve business opportunities.

If you want to learn professionally-developed behavioral strategies to become a capable and confident leader, you can book a consultation with me today.

“Best Business Coach in Bowling Green, KY”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Warren County: Bowling Green, KY


“Best Business Coach in Bowling Green, KY”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Warren County: Bowling Green, KY

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Glasgow, KY – Leadership Development Issues Explained by a Business Coach