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Brandon, FL – Sign Company Lists Helpful Designing Tips for Lobby Signage

Lobby Signage

Thinking of investing in a new lobby sign? Here are some designing tips that will help you craft a striking sign!

A well-crafted lobby sign has the potential to become the focal point of your lobby, impress your potential customers, and bring the whole space together. Your lobby sign is the first thing that a customer will look at once they enter your business establishment. This is why you must design a sign that expresses your brand image succinctly and is also able to amaze everyone who enters your building.

Here are some helpful tips to design the perfect lobby sign:

Choose Your Sign’s LocationLobby Sign

The first step is to choose the most appropriate location for your sign. Do you want your lobby sign to be behind the reception desk, opposite the desk, or on another wall? Once you decide on the location for your sign, you will be able to design the sign accordingly.

Having a designated location will help you choose the right size for your sign. It will also help you decide on a décor theme for your sign that falls in line with the overall aesthetic appeal of your lobby space. Moreover, the location will help you select the right mounting style for your sign so that it doesn’t become a nuisance for your visitors and becomes a seamless part of your lobby.

Select the Elements of Your Sign

Your custom lobby sign needs to have your brand name. However, there are other elements that you can add to the sign as well, such as your motto, logo, mascot, etc. Make sure that you stick to only two elements for your sign, otherwise, it will become too crowded and unappealing. You can opt for your name and logo for a classic and professional lobby sign or simply use your logo for a minimalist sign.

Choose the Right Signage Material

The material you choose for your lobby sign can either make or break your sign. You need to select a material that adds to your brand image and suits your unique style and brand aesthetic. For instance, if you have a complex logo, then a malleable material that you can shape into the logo will be the right fit for your sign. Moreover, if you have an earthy, rustic appeal, then wood might be the most appropriate choice for your lobby sign.

Here are some materials that you can choose from to create your custom lobby sign:

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Acrylic

Be Inventive and Add Character to Your Sign

Your customers must have seen your logo and company name before. So, instead of opting for a simplistic design for your sign, try to add some character to it and make it more appealing. You can look into the newest design elements, appealing lighting options, and unique mounting styles to make your lobby sign stand out. For instance, you can opt for halo-lit dimensional letters for your lobby sign for a mystical yet chic appeal.

However you decide to design your lobby sign, just make sure that your sign is true to your brand and its image.

If you want well-crafted bespoke lobby signs, then visit our website today!


“Best Sign Company in Zephyrhills, FL”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Pasco County: Zephyrhills, Lakeland, Brandon, Land O' Lakes, Temple Terrace, FL


“Best Sign Company in Zephyrhills, FL”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Pasco County: Zephyrhills, Lakeland, Brandon, Land O' Lakes, Temple Terrace, FL


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