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Audiology FAQs | What are the different types & degrees of Hearing Loss?

DEGREES & TYPES OF HEARING LOSS DEGREE OF HEARING LOSS Results of the audiometric evaluation are plotted on a chart called an audiogram. Loudness is plotted from top to bottom (0 to 120 dB). Frequency, from low to high, is plotted from left to right (250-8000 Hz). Hearing loss (HL) is measured in decibels (dB) and is described in general categories. H…

Audiology FAQs | What are the causes of hearing loss?

What causes hearing loss? There are different problems in the Outer, Middle, or Inner ear that might cause hearing loss. e.g. For some people, the cause of hearing loss is the result of a gradual buildup of earwax, which blocks the ear canal and prevents conduction of sound waves. Earwax blockage is a cause of hearing loss among people of all ages. Oth…

Audiology FAQs | How doI know that I have hearing loss?

How do I know that I have hearing Loss? Hearing loss occurs to most people as they age. Hearing loss can be due to the aging process, exposure to loud noise, certain medications, infections, head or ear trauma, congenital (birth or prenatal) or hereditary factors, diseases, as well as a number of other causes. There are some 31.5 million people in the U…

5 Frequently Asked Audiology Questions – Walnut Creek, CA

To start off our CityScoop column we’re publishing a short series on 5 common questions that we get. Over the next few weeks we’ll be answering each of these questions below in detail. When we’re finished we’re going to build a FAQ page and add them to the page. Over the course of the year we’ll be building out our FAQ page to help provide th…

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