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Bronx, New York – Trip and Fall: Suffering an Injury From an Escalator

Escalators don’t just look scary, they can be really dangerous. Injuries occur for a variety of reasons, and a slip and fall accident on an escalator can be a very damaging experience, both physically and emotionally. The Bronx law firm of Feiner & Lavy has looked into it, and current research shows that every year in the United States there are an av…

Bronx, New York – Slip and Fall: The Difference Between a Slip and a Trip

The terms trip-and-fall and slip-and-fall are used pretty much interchangeably in personal injury articles. And, for the most part, the results aren’t really very different. In either case, the victim ends up fall to the ground and is injured. But what is the difference? While the results may be the same, there really is a difference between a slip…

Bronx, New York – Slip and Fall: Suffering an Injury as a Nursing Home Resident

The elderly are among the most vulnerable populations in America. Their care as they enter their twilight years should be superlative. Unfortunately, elder care facilities and nursing homes sadly fail in creating and maintaining the kind of safe environment that is required and slip and fall accidents can lead to injuries or even death. It takes a spe…

Bronx, New York – Slip and Fall: Injured While Walking in a Building Lobby

Building lobbies can be among the most hazardous areas for slip and falls to occur and for injuries to result, and the reasons why are pretty clear. This is the main entry point for people, which means that this is the area where there is the most foot traffic and also the place where hazards being trafficked through the building are most likely to cause an…

Bronx, New York – Slip and Fall: Steps to Take in the Aftermath of an Injury

The most common question people have is what they should have done in the immediate aftermath of a slip and fall accident. It’s an important question, especially since nobody really prepares to be injured in a slip and fall. It’s our sincere hope that you are reading this because you want to follow the motto of the Boy Scouts and “be prepared.” We wil…

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