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Fremont, CA – Benefits of Sole Custody Services from a Certified Family Lawyer

Divorce and custody disputes often create difficult situations for families. In some cases, sole custody by one parent is in the best interests of the child. With their extensive experience in family law, Bagner Law is well-equipped to advise Fremont clients on sole custody agreements. They provide insightful legal counsel to help clients understand the bene…

Fremont, CA – Top-Rated Family Lawyer Discusses Types of Child Custody Services

Going through a divorce is an enormously difficult and emotionally charged time for any couple, but the challenges multiply exponentially when children are involved. Divorcing spouses with kids must make critical decisions regarding child custody, arrangements that will profoundly shape their children's lives and upbringing. The various types of custody a…

Union City, CA – FAQs About Legal Separation Services from a Family Lawyer

When the problems plaguing a marriage have seemingly reached their breaking point, but neither spouse is ready to take the permanent step of finalizing a divorce, pursuing a legal separation can provide a feasible middle-ground solution. It allows couples to begin leading separate lives while still maintaining legal ties in the eyes of the law. However, m…

San Leandro, CA – Discussing the Name Change Process | Local Family Law News

There are many reasons one may want to legally change their name, from marriage or divorce to simply desiring a new identity. While name changes are routinely approved in most cases, the process still involves precise legal steps. Having an experienced family lawyer to advise you can ensure the process goes smoothly. Bagner Law has handled numerous name chan…

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