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San Leandro, CA – Tips for Selecting an East Bay Area Divorce Lawyer / Attorney

When enough is enough, it’s easy enough to say you want a divorce. Initiating divorce proceedings and navigating the whirlwind of legal procedures, emotional reactions, and other aspects are much more difficult by comparison. Not to fear; having a great divorce lawyer by your side guarantees you don’t get taken for a ride and ensures (relatively) smooth s…

San Leandro, CA – Overview of Our Child Custody Services | Family Law News

There’s a lot to settle during divorce proceedings, and it is difficult to deal with it alone. That’s why most individuals elect qualified attorneys to represent them during proceedings to ensure the best outcome. After all, it’s nice to keep as much of your rightful property and wages as possible, but child custody is often the true non-negotiable item tha…

San Leandro, CA – Family Lawyer Lists the Types of Spousal Support in a Divorce

It might seem counterintuitive to pay spousal support during a divorce, but there are various types and, depending on the circumstances of your divorce, you may be required to pay temporary or ongoing support. What will you be expected to pay in spousal support when your divorce is finalized? Only a qualified attorney with an excellent track record can sa…

Fremont, CA – Searching for a Child Support Lawyer/Attorney in the East Bay Area

Divorce is difficult to deal with, especially for the children. It’s up to the two divorcing parties to determine what’s best for everyone during mediation or duke it out in front of the judge in court. One of the most important matters to settle during divorce proceedings is child support. How much should be paid and to whom? What will guarantee the chil…

Fremont, CA – Family Lawyer’s Advice for Preparing for a Legal Separation

Many people mistakenly believe legal separation is synonymous with divorce. In fact, they are two separate things entirely. While a divorce dissolves and ends a marriage, a legal separation, well, legally separates the two parties involved while keeping the marriage intact. Some people find this to be a good compromise when they need a break but don’t wan…

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