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Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary | Should You Try Delta 8 Carts? Take Our Quiz to Find

BY: Mason Habib, Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary - Smoke & Vape Shop Evans Road

We all know that marijuana is now legal in several states across the US, but what many people don’t know is that there are different types of marijuana products available, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks and there are a ton of different ways to consume cannabis. You can smoke it, eat it, vape it, and even drink it. The most popular brand for carts is Delta-8. So should you try them? Take our quiz to find out! We’ll help you figure out whether or not Delta-8 carts are right for you based on your needs and preferences. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Do You Want A Cannabis Product That Is Portable Enough To Carry On The Go?

Delta-8 carts are more portable than the typical setup. If you like to hit the road and transport your equipment, Delta-8 carts might be for you. Delta-8 carts are very compact and portable. They fit perfectly in your pocket so you can take them anywhere with you. They may be a little more expensive but it’s definitely worth the price tag for this type of cart.

Delta 8 Carts use glass pipes that are about 6 inches tall (about half of which is water). The base is about 3″ across, making it easy to carry around without worrying too much about knocking over your pipe.

It is important to find a cart that will allow for a smooth vaping experience, while still being easy to use on the go.


Are You Looking For Cannabis Products That Provide The Maximum Benefits Of Delta-8?

Delta-8 carts are designed with Delta-8 terpene-infused coconut oil. When Delta-8 cartridges are heated to their optimal temperature, Delta-8 is released which provides the user with many benefits of Delta-8.

The reason why Delta-8 has become so popular is that it binds with CB1 receptors in the brain which causes users to experience a calming effect similar to traditional cannabis without any psychoactive effects.

Delta-8 also binds with CB2 receptor sites throughout your body that are associated with pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. This is another reason for their popularity as they treat inflammation throughout your body while still providing you real-time symptom relief! It’s no wonder why people are buying Delta-8 carts at an all-time high!


Do You Need A Delta-8 Product That Has Medical Benefits?

Delta-8 carts can be used to treat pain. The Delta-8 THC in the cartridge binds to the delta receptors located on cell surfaces throughout your body which are responsible for regulating pain. This binding of delta-8 THC releases dopamine, helping you find relief from both physical and mental pain. The delta receptors also regulate appetite, mood, memories, thinking, concentration, and sensory perception. When Delta-8 THC is released it aids with all of these things as well!


Are You Looking For A Product That Reduces The Inhalation Of Carcinogens?

Delta-8 carts are designed by a team of chemists and cannabis industry experts to create the highest quality Delta-8 experience possible. The cylindrical design contains all organic cotton, which is 100% free from pesticides, contaminants, chemical fertilizers, or bleaches.

Delta-8 carts are the ideal solution for smokers, medical patients, or anyone who wants to reduce their exposure to cancer-causing carcinogens. Delta-8 cartridges can help reduce inhalation of harmful chemicals by up to 95%.


Do You Want A Product With The Ability To Control Dosing?

Yes, delta-8 carts come with a setting to control the dose. The new Delta-8 carts have an option that allows you to customize the dosage.

Delta-8 carts also include an adjustable dial to set your preferred temperature (between 270°F and 430°F) as well as wattage (7W or 12W). This helps you customize your delta-8 experience!


Are You Looking For Something That’s Easy To Use?

Delta-8 carts are very simple to use with no learning curve at all. Just screw the cart onto your oil vapor pen and inhale like you would any other kind of cartridge. You can find Delta-8 carts in 1g disposable cartridges which means they are perfect for when you’re on the go or 510 threaded cartridges which means you can screw them into any vape pen with 510 threading.

You should make sure that your cartridge is perfectly snug within the pen–it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. If your Delta-8 cart isn’t firing up it’s likely because you need to tighten it more–a good sign! This means it may work just fine with your battery after all.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Delta-8 Carts may be the solution for you. For more information regarding our products or if you just want some friendly advice about what’s right for your situation, call us today!


Are You Looking for an Amazing Delta 8 Cart Shop Near You?

If you happen to live in San Antonio, Texas, we have tons of amazing locations ready to serve you! Stop by for high-quality Delta 8 Carts, E Juice, Kratom, CBD and Hemp products that come with reliable lab reports you can trust. If you don’t live in one of these areas, don’t worry! You can check out our online store and get CBD products shipped directly to you! Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary is part of the fast-growing chain of CBD Dispensaries specializing in providing only the highest quality Delta 8 Carts, E Juices, vapes, Kratom, Nicotine and CBD oil products that have been thoroughly lab tested and meet our high standards of quality. Come see why MJCBD – Smoke & Vape Shop Evans is the highest Tobacco Shop conveniently located in San Antonio! Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary specializes in the industry’s best brands and has led the industry standard in sales of CBD by dominating in product innovation and customer satisfaction.

“Best CBD Store in San Antonio, TX”

Top Rated Local CBD Store / Shop / Dispensary / Business

Bexar County: San Antonio, Boerne, Bandera, Castroville, New Braunfels, TX


“Best CBD Store in San Antonio, TX”

Top Rated Local CBD Store / Shop / Dispensary / Business

Bexar County: San Antonio, Boerne, Bandera, Castroville, New Braunfels, TX

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Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary | Should You Try Delta 8 Carts? Take Our Quiz to Find