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Provo, UT – Accent Chairs for Rent for Corporate Events | Furniture Shop News

Accent chairs can elevate any corporate event When planning a corporate event, you want the occasion to elevate the image of the organization to prospective clients, current customers and/or your employees. From large conferences to employee recognition events to important meetings with clients, there are several corporate occasions where you need to put y…

Salt Lake City, UT – Rent Coffee Tables for Social Events at Our Furniture Shop

Coffee tables create cozy spaces for any event Most of us enjoy planning and putting an event together, but checking off all the boxes to ensure it’s successful can be an adventure. Whether it’s a wedding, party, dinner, charity function or any other social gathering, selecting the right theme, food, decor, venue and more takes time, effort and a lot of pl…

Provo, UT – Searching for Table Rental Services for Private Parties / Events?

Add the right pieces to elevate your event When planning any event, it’s important to visualize the space and activity of the evening to ensure your guests have everything they need to be comfortable. While your venue might have some furniture inventory, it’s very unlikely it will meet the needs of your guests, and the furniture they do have probably won’t…

Salt Lake City, UT – High-End Luxury Furniture Options to Consider for Weddings

Make your wedding stand out with a luxury feel Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable and customized to their vision of the day they have been dreaming of their whole life. The last thing a bride wants is a “cookie cutter” wedding, just like the other ones held at the venue. While brides and wedding planners spend hours deciding on color schemes, dr…

Salt Lake City, UT – High-End Furniture Rental Services for Corporate Events

We make the furniture rental process easy Whether you’re planning a night of fun and awards for your team, are hosting a conference or getting ready to have a big meeting with an important client, planning a corporate event can be a big undertaking. The event space you’re renting might have some furniture or you might have a few extra chairs at the off…

Park City, UT – Rent Our High-End Sofas, Chairs, & Tables for Private Parties

High end rentals create an unforgettable atmosphere Birthdays, anniversaries or major life accomplishments are all reasons to celebrate with friends and family. If you are planning a party for these occasions, you want it to be a memorable night for the people being honored and the guests as well. Whether the party is at a private residence or you’re r…

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