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November 29, 2019

Reading, PA – Hire Better with Personal Assessments – Business Coaching News

Posted in: Industry News

Not sure how personal assessments can be used to make better hiring decisions?

With the number of candidates applying for a single job positing increasing by the day, employers have now come up with a new tool to help them make better hiring decisions— personal assessments. Personal assessments are commonly used in the corporate world today to help organizations choose the best person for a position from the large pool of candidates.

These tests are specifically designed to help in judging a candidate’s qualities and skills and see how they can be a good fit for the job. The main goal of personality assessments in the hiring process is to reveal certain aspects of a person’s personality that an employer could not have easily picked up during a traditional interview. Continue reading this article to find out why personal assessments are used for better hiring decisions

personal assessments

Personal Assessments Allow Organizations to Judge Candidates on What They Will Do

Earlier, the recruitment process relied heavily upon a person’s pre-existing experiences and accomplishments to judge their personality and skills in order to forecast how they will perform at any organization. This is why candidates with more experience and achievements in the past easily outshined fresh graduates who were just about to enter the corporate world. This seemed to be a little unfair because the recruitment process for every position demanded work experience as a pre-requisite for the job— something that wasn’t always possible for fresh graduates.

This is where personal assessments came into the fray. Personal assessments allow organizations to ask hypothetical questions and judge candidates based on what they will do when they face a certain type of situation. This gives the newcomers in the corporate environment a fair chance at impressing employers.

Personal Assessment

Personal Assessments Are Not Prejudiced

The modern workplace focuses on promoting diversity. This is why many businesses opt for personality assessments as a way of reducing the effects of the unconscious bias of an interviewer. The scores of personal assessments are often calculated by a computer to give insights about a person’s personality. This is a smart way to level the field for people from diverse backgrounds so that nobody is unconsciously favored for any reason.

Personal Assessments Help Organizations Predict Job Performance

Personal assessments are carefully designed with strategic questions that help an organization predict the performance of a candidate. Certain positions in the workplace require specific personality traits for one to be able to handle the workload and manage a team efficiently. These traits cannot always be easily identified through face-to-face interviews.

Personal assessments cover different aspects of a person’s personality like agreeableness, ability to multitask, stress management, need for recognition, self-esteem, sociability, and leadership capabilities. The test scores then help organizations to choose a candidate who has the most suitable traits which are required for a certain position.

Hiring the right candidates is crucial for companies as the recruitment process requires time, effort, and resources. This is why personal assessments are used as an effective tool for hiring the best talent for an organization.

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