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Philadelphia, PA – Recycling Facility Has Recycled Commercial Waste Products

SYNOPSIS: Richard S. Burns & Co offers recycled commercial waste products at competitive prices. If you're searching for a recycling center in Philly then look no further than Burns Co.

Burns Co Offers Commercial Waste Products

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Who We Are

Richard S. Burns & Company Inc. has been a family-owned and operated waste management company for over 50 years. We are proud of our heritage as one of the first companies to offer recycling services in the state, and we continue to be leaders in this field.

Initially we were just one man team, but today we have grown into a 60+ team of professionals who can handle all your needs, from commercial trash removal to industrial waste disposal. Our 10-acre facility is equipped with the latest technology for handling any kind of material or volume you may have, so you know that your waste is always handled safely and efficiently.

If you’d rather not deal with the hassle of transporting your materials, we also offer truck fleets that will come pick up your waste at no extra charge!

Recycled Commercial Waste

When you think of waste management, you might not realize that it’s an incredibly complex industry. There are a lot of different types of waste, and they all have to be treated in different ways. That’s why we offer a wide array of recycled commercial waste products.

We’re here to help you manage your business’ waste in a way that keeps your company compliant with local regulations and still minimizes your costs. We can help you recycle everything from cardboard to plastic bottles to old tires!

We take pride in the fact that our recycled commercial waste products are always 100% recyclable. That means that when you use our products, you know that they’ll be able to be used again at some point down the line by someone else—you don’t have to worry about them ending up in a landfill somewhere for thousands of years!

Commercial Vs. Residential Waste

Waste management is a vital service that helps maintain the health and safety of communities. However, there are many different types of waste and each type requires different handling procedures. The most common types of residential and commercial waste are:

Residential Waste

Residential waste consists mostly of household trash, such as food scraps and lawn clippings. It also includes other materials like clothing, furniture, appliances, toys, electronics and more. These items should be separated from other types of garbage so they can be recycled or disposed of properly.

Commercial Waste

Commercial waste includes industrial by-products such as construction debris and hazardous wastes like chemicals or radioactive materials. Commercial waste requires special handling procedures to ensure that it does not harm humans or the environment when it is transported or disposed of properly.

Call Richard S. Burns & Company For All Your Recycling Needs

Richard S. Burns & Company is committed to offering the highest quality recycling services to our customers. We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible when it comes to your recycling needs. Our team of professionals will ensure that all of your materials are recycled properly and efficiently, while taking into account any special instructions you may have regarding the materials you wish to recycle. We want you to feel confident knowing that when you choose us for your scrap metal processing needs, we will exceed your expectations every time!


“Best Recycling Company in Philadelphia, PA”

Top Rated Local Residential / Commercial Recycling Center / Company / Facility

Philadelphia County: Philadelphia, , , , , PA


“Best Recycling Company in Philadelphia, PA”

Top Rated Local Residential / Commercial Recycling Center / Company / Facility

Philadelphia County: Philadelphia, , , , , PA

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Philadelphia, PA  – Recycling Facility Has Recycled Commercial Waste Products