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October 19, 2020

San Diego, CA – Custom Vehicle Wraps and Graphics | Colors in Marketing

Posted in: Industry News

Vehicle Wraps

Do you want to make your vehicle wraps more enticing? Then make use of color psychology.

With the passage of time, the world is quickly transitioning from conventional inbound marketing techniques to modern inbound ones. Unlike the outdated and disruptive techniques of running TV ads and advertising on billboards, inbound marketing seeks to pull in customers through engaging and well-designed content.

One of the best forms of inbound marketing is the use of customized wraps and graphics. During the last few years, vehicle wraps have evolved into something really exciting. The vehicle wraps of today are extremely catchy and attractive. The main feature to consider when designing vehicle wraps is the color. In the following paragraphs, we will share with you some colors that will help you make the most of vehicle wrap advertising.

RedVehicle Wrap

One of the most powerful colors in a marketer’s toolkit, which can spice up your vehicle wrap advertising efforts, is red. Some of the things that the color red is associated with include blood, fire, war, anger, energy, danger and competition.


The color orange is a beautiful combination of yellow and red. It tends to combine the emotions of happiness with energy, thus making it a wholesome color. This color is usually associated with sunshine, tropics and joy. The orange color inspires creativity enthusiasm, success, innovation, and attraction.


Yellow is one of the lightest yet happiest of all colors. The color yellow signifies cheerfulness, intellect and energy. It makes one feel optimistic, especially during times of sadness and despair.


It is rightfully said that green is the color of nature. It signifies energy, relaxation, tranquility, growth and fertility. It also makes you feel safe and secure, especially when you are nervous and anxious. The darker tones of green are often associated with money and wealth. Maybe it is due to the fact that the color green resembles the green dollar bills.


The first two things that come to a person’s mind when they think of the color blue are sea and sky. Depth and stability are the two things the blue color is associated with. The color blue also symbolizes wisdom, faith, confidence, loyalty, trust, and intelligence.


The color purple is the perfect combination of blue and red. Therefore it makes us feel energetic and level-headed at the same time. The color purple looks absolutely spectacular and it also has a touch of loyalty. It also signifies extravagance and wealth, thus making it classy. This color is also associated with freedom, wisdom and creativity.

These are some of the best colors for vehicle wraps, so use them well. A vehicle wrap is one of the most useful forms of marketing, and it continues to promote your brand as long as the car stays on the road.

For the best custom vehicle wraps in San Diego, CA, feel free to visit our website today.

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