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July 25, 2020

San Diego, CA – Amazing Business Signage Tips for the Post-COVID World

Posted in: Industry News

Have you ever wondered about the changes you’ll have to make to your business signs once the COVID 9 pandemic is over? Here are a few things you will have to do.

The COVID 19 pandemic has had a significant impact, not only on the economy but also on society. With the number of COVID 19 cases spiking every day and a vaccine nowhere in sight, it is hard to predict where everything is headed. With several countries softening the lockdown and businesses opening everywhere, new techniques need to be adopted to communicate with your customers. In the post COVID 19 world, shop keepers and business owners will have to impose strict rules to promote hygiene in their shops and workplaces. Therefore, changes will need to be made to business signs as well.sanitizers

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some business signage tips for the post-COVID 19 world.

So, let’s begin.

Come Up With a Social Distancing Floor Signage Plan

On the bright side, in some countries the curve has started to flatten. However, some studies suggest that we will have to stick to social distancing till 2022 to keep the novel Coronavirus in check. Hence, whether you own a restaurant, have a business, or are carrying out an event, you need a social distancing signage plan to ensure safety of the visitors, customers and the workers alike. With the help of floor decals in public settings, you will be able to ensure safe flow of foot traffic and minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

Inform the World That You Are Open

It is difficult to predict how long it will take for the economies to come back on track. However, the lockdowns are being raised gradually throughout the world. Some of your customers might be unsure of whether you have opened your shop or not. Therefore, you will have to invest in sidewalk signs, which you can place outside your stores. You can even use yard signs to inform the onlookers that you are now open.

Promote Physical Hygiene

Unlike in the past, in the post-COVID 19 world, businesses will have to use effective signage to make sure that strict sanitation practices are followed. Through your signage, you will have to highlight the significance of washing your hands and sanitizing them. You will have to place hand sanitizers and facemask containers right under these signs. On the counters, you will have to install acrylic screens to protect the customers and the cashier in the event that either of them coughs or sneezes.

Make Changes to Promotional Strategies

Not only will you have to invest in new business signs, you will also have to make considerable changes to your promotional signs. Considering the horrid nature of this virus, your promotional messages will need to be updated at least on a weekly basis with something informative for your customers. Vinyl banners can be quickly removed and installed. Therefore, they should be your go-to signage tool to promote awareness about COVID 19 even after it is over.

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