Have you recently experienced a fire accident on your property? Here are a few places you should definitely check after a fire.

A fire accident isn’t pretty. Even if the magnitude of the fire isn’t overwhelming, it can affect your living space with the smoke and soot it leaves behind.  A fire can cause hidden damage. Such damage is often overlooked. For instance, as a homeowner, you might not check boxes of books and stacks of clothes for damage after a fire. Inside your home, there are specific areas that are prone to damage by smoke and soot, but they are often ignored. Those areas are discussed below in detail.Ventilation System

So, let’s begin.


One of the most common places that are damaged by smoke and soot after a fire accident is the attic. Sometimes, you don’t have easy access to complex spaces, such as the attic. However, you shouldn’t allow these obstructions to stop you from reaching the attic and carrying out a thorough cleanup. Fire and smoke damages in the attic can cause a foul smell, which is easily noticeable to the guests the moment they enter your living area.

Plumbing and Electric Systems

This is a no-brainer—the plumbing as well the as the electrical system should be checked after a fire accident. Furthermore, if the smoke makes its way into the walls, it creates the perfect circumstances for soot to accumulate within. Chances are that the fire was caused by an old and faulty electric line. If such is the case, the electrical line should be replaced as quickly as possible. If the defective electrical component isn’t replaced, it can worsen with time, and cause further damage.

Ventilation System

After a fire, the HVAC and ventilation ducts need to be cleaned properly. If soot has accumulated within your air ducts, the nasty odor of fire will never leave your home. Therefore, the ducts will continue to blow soot in your living space. The healthy and young adults will cope just fine for the time being, but with time, they too will develop respiratory issues and allergies. The soot within your air ducts will prove extremely dangerous for children and aging individuals, and they may suffer from asthma and similar respiratory problems.

If you have recently experienced a fire accident in your home, make sure the aforementioned areas are checked for damage. Smoke and soot should be removed, for if they are left to stay, they can have terrifying health effects, especially on old people and young children because of their weak immune systems.

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