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Saddle River, NJ – NJ’s Inheritance Tax Could Be an Unexpected Thorn for Family

New Jersey doesn’t have an estate tax, but it does have an inheritance tax. This is something that can be just as damaging to a family’s financial legacy as an estate tax. The inheritance tax dates to when Benjamin Harrison was President of the United States, and has several classes of heirs and a variety of exemptions. Class A are basically immediate fa…

New York, NY – What the Heck Is Insurance? A Brief Look at Our Business

What the heck is insurance? And would you believe the concept dates all the way back to Roman times? It began with burial societies for people like soldiers to relieve their family of the expense of providing an appropriate burial when the time came. Flash forward to 16th century England, and we have what is acknowledged as the first modern life insuranc…

Greenwich, CT – Conn.’s Updated Estate Tax Has a Gift for Heirs and Planners

Connecticut has revised its estate taxation rules for 2023, beginning with the state estate tax exemption is moving up and into alignment with the federal exemption at $12.92 million. Toss out those outdated scales, the state is now applying a flat estate tax rate of 12 percent, which is good news. However, HNW and UHNW Connecticut residents need to bewa…

New York, NY — What Is a Family Office? Managing a Ultra-High-Net-Worth Family

We started our “what the heck is…” series of articles and videos to help people begin to develop an understanding of topics relevant to The Unger Company’s business. In this video, we answer the question: What the heck is a family office? A family office is a professionally staffed operation that is responsible for managing the assets, mostly financial,…

New York, New York – Using an In Terrorem Clause to Stop an Estate Challenge

Disinheriting a descendent is something that people sometimes threaten when planning their estate. This doesn’t only happen among the high-net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) clients who are estate tax planning clients of The Unger Company, but also among people with much smaller estates. Sometimes this can be chalked up to people being pe…

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