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New York, New York – What the Heck Is a Family Office? Managing Family Wealth

Extremely wealthy people can be very different from regular people in ways that are important to understand. The use of a structure called a family office is one example of how things can be very different for HNW and UHNW families. The Unger Company works with family offices representing our clients, so we thought it would be a good idea to clarify t…

New York, New York – How the Heck Are We Different than a Financial Advisor?

There’s a corny old saying from department store advertisements of many years ago: We’re not a bank, but we save you money. As corny as that is, there’s a kernel of truth that applies to The Unger Company. We’re not your financial advisor nor your attorney, but we will help to protect your wealth! We set out with an altruistic goal for you and your…

New York, New York – “Taxachusetts” Tax Relief to Raise Estate Tax Exemption

Massachusetts, which for decades has set the bar low in terms of its state estate tax, is moving toward modernizing its estate tax code. Governor Maura Healey and the state legislature have pitched competing proposals, but the bottom line is that whichever proposal becomes law in the state, The Unger Company would have to say taxpayers in the state wi…

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