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New York, New York – Why Would a Wealthy Person Finance a Life Insurance Policy?

Why in the world would a wealthy person want to finance a life insurance policy? It would seem like someone with a lot of money could just reach into his or her pocket and pay the “freight”. But using loans is really a lot more cost effective. The Unger Company has been working with high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and ultra-high-net-worth individual…

New York, New York – Navigating New Jersey’s Inheritance Tax Maze of Madness

There’s a funny little rivalry in the Tri-State area. New Jersey and New York are like competitive siblings who take a different approach on many things. As wealth transfer experts based in the region, The Unger Company understands that this is as true in the area of wealth transfer as it can be in any other area. Where New York has an estate tax, New…

New York, New York – What the Heck Is an Estate? A Confusion Easing Explanation

What the heck is an estate? There’s a simple explanation that comes with a heck of lot of details attached. A legal definition would read something like this: “An estate consists of all property, real and personal, that is held by an individual at the time of his death.” That seems fairly straight forward. However, once you’re out of the starting gate…

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