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New York, New York – Having a Voice With the Next Generation After You’re Gone

Having a voice after you’re gone has an almost supernatural ring about it. If you’re old enough, you may think of Boris Karloff or Rod Serling. And, if you’re an attorney, you’ll remember the Trusts and Estates professors talking about the hand from the beyond controlling distributions. We know we do! Estate planning and inheritance is where your voic…

New York, New York – Do Wealth Tax Proposals Threaten to Make You a Tax Refugee?

One of the more interesting stories of 2023 we are watching at The Unger Company Ltd. is the introduction of wealth tax legislation at the state level. These measures have been introduced, so far, in eight states: Connecticut, New York, Maryland, Illinois, Washington, Minnesota, California and Hawaii. Let us state up front: We don’t see there being a…

New York, New York – What Is the Best Life Insurance Company for HWNI and UHNWI?

A large component of the estate tax strategy The Unger Company Ltd. uses in our asset protection plans is to employ various types of insurance to counterweigh the tax implications of high and ultra-high net worth estates. This is much more complicated than calling an 800 number and signing up for a life insurance policy that someone may see advertised in…

New York, NY – The Unger Company: A Great Resource for a Family Office

The Unger Company has five decades of experience working in tandem with the best attorneys, accountants and asset managers in crafting outstanding estate plans for high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients. Historically, a large percentage of our business has been done in the Northeast. But given the changes in technology, we have spread beyond the…

New York, New York – Beyond Federal Taxes: The Basics of New York’s Estate Tax

Estate taxes come in more than one size. There is a federal estate tax that is applied on 2023 estates greater than $12.92 million, and then there are a dozen states that apply state-level taxation to estates. If you live in New York, you are in one of the states that has its own estate tax. The Unger Company Ltd. is a New York company, so we are very…

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