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September 02, 2020

Hampton, VA – How and Why Should You Choose Floor Graphics for Your Business?

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How to Choose Floor Graphics
When planning for signage, business owners need to take into consideration that it’s important to plan for more than just wall signage and exterior signage. Valuable signage space also extends to the floor. Studies indicate that a significant majority of purchasing decisions are actually made once a customer reaches the point of sale. Placing graphics directly where customers are standing offers a great opportunity to engage them. This could be because most people have a tendency to periodically glance around, including by looking at the floor. Consequently, business owners can capitalize on this space by displaying relevant messages on their floors.

Placement is critical when it comes to using floor graphics for advertising and marketing. Ideally, its best to place graphics in prime locations, such as near checkout lines or at the entrance of a business. Floor graphics should also feature vibrant colors and images to ensure they grab the attention of passerby.

To make the most of floor graphics, it’s important to take a few factors into consideration. Among those considerations is how long the graphic is expected to last. For instance, is the graphic intended for short term or long term? This can make a significant difference in terms of the materials used to produce the graphic.

Additionally, the location of the application should be considered. Additional considerations must be made for the placement of outdoor floor graphics compared to indoor placements. This is particularly true is the graphic will experience exposure to rain and snow.

The surface of the application should also be considered. With so many different types of floor surfaces, the type of floor to which the graphic will be adhered must be considered to ensure the use of the correct adhesives and materials.

How much foot traffic does the area receive? This is important because naturally, areas that receive more foot traffic will require a more durable graphic. The amount of scratch resistance should also be considered. For instance, floors, where equipment and carts are used, may require a more durable finish.

How will the floor be cleaned? Floors that are buffed regularly or are cleaned with chemicals may necessitate the need for specific adhesives to be used in the application of floor graphics. This is because some solutions can cause adhesives and materials to degrade.

Floor graphics can offer a wealth of marketing benefits, but in order to take advantage of all of those benefits, business owners must first do some careful planning.

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