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July 08, 2020

Hampton, VA – Trade Show Signs Offer An Endless Possibility to Your Display

Posted in: Industry News

For trade shows, it is imperative to go the extra mile with your signs. This is because there are bound to be other businesses offering similar services to yours, all aiming for the same audience. Trade show signs serve different purposes, such as give direction, advertise, or offer information. Picking out trade shows signs needn’t be a hassle.
Here are a few factors to consider:
The Venue- Trade shows can either be indoors or in open spaces. A business will require more signs in open spaces than indoors. More so, some trade fairs attract more brands than others, meaning it will take a lot more to attract an audience to the booth. Avoid overcrowding the booth with trade show signs though.
The Need- If the brand is prominent and popular, it will require fewer signs compared to a brand that is just starting. It is the job of the trade signs to allure prospective clients to the booth. Therefore they should be catchy and without too much literature.
Display Method- How the signs will be put up is an important factor to consider because the available working space determines what signs should be used. Some require hanging while others will require installation.
Types of Trade Show Signs
A-Frames-These signs are convenient for any kind of space, and they are easy to customize. They can be heavy-duty plastic or aluminum, and the poster area is usually plastic. To achieve maximum effect, the A-frames should be put in an angle/position that makes it easy to read from either direction.
Banners- These are the most noticeable trade sign anywhere, and they are indispensable. There are different types of banners, such as retractable, telescopic, spring-back, double-sided, and tension banners. Depending on how conspicuous a banner is, it can attract a broad audience in comparison to other trade show signs.
Hanging displays- These signs do not require installation on the wall or floor stands. Rather, they hang from above, and they come in different shapes and materials. The most common include squares, pyramids, tube shapes, and triangular shapes. Hanging displays come with graphic attachments with colors, logos, and symbols of the relevant brand. Most hanging displays are collapsible and fit in small bags making them convenient to carry around as necessary.
Pop-Up Displays- When looking for low-budget and easy to set up displays, this is the best option. To customize a pop-up booth, monitor holders, lights, and shelves may be added.
James River Signs has many options when it comes to Trade Show Signage.

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