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May 27, 2020

Newport News, VA – Directional Signage – Pointing the Way for Customers

Posted in: Industry News

Currently, there are many businesses that need to prepare for re-openings in their cities and towns. These are locations that function by providing customers products and services from physical shops, stores, and practices. Having the right type of signs for these businesses is essential to conduct regular operations, as well as, adjusting to restrictions related to COVID-19 and distancing requirements.

Directional signage is extremely important when it comes to these goals. These are signs that steer customer movement throughout a location. It is possible to have these signs designed to market a brand or to promote sales. James River Signs is a good place to get signs for floors, walls, and other portions of store locations. These are also strategic tools that will prove effective for diverse businesses and companies, as they begin to re-open for business operations.

Combine Social Distancing and Shopping

According to the CDC, social distancing or physical distancing is important for those who are in public places. This distance should be at least 6 feet apart from the next person, which is another reason that directional signs are paramount. These are helpful resources to use in shopping locations and provide safe distancing options. Combining these objectives with signs protects shoppers, staff, and visitors.

Keep Customers Informed

These signs are designed, manufactured, and installed with professionalism to assist with opening new and existing businesses. These are good for keeping customers and clients informed when they visit. Vend HQ points out that in-store and exterior signs are useful for reminding people about social distancing. They are also alternate ways to direct them to stairways, parking garages, and exits.

Get Flexibility in Sign Designs

There are a lot of good reasons to hire experts to design signs for stores and shopping areas. Along with being able to incorporate brand names, logos, and contact details in designs, these professionals offer flexibility in sizes and coloring. It doesn’t matter whether signs are needed for floor directions or for on-going marketing campaigns. The ability to make design changes will prove helpful over the long-run.

James River Signs provides business owners, restaurant owners, and shop owners with a variety of signage options. Directional signs can be used creatively to point out sales displays or even exits. Stores, offices, and medical facilities benefit from having custom signs that enhance business. This is an important time to utilize professional signage for getting back to work and re-opening dates.

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