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January 08, 2020

Yorktown, VA – Channel Letter Signs to Boost Advertising Results for Companies

Posted in: Industry News

Today, most people view channel letter signs multiple times during the day. These flexible displays cover buildings in large urban areas and small towns. They’ve become ubiquitous in most commercial and institutional settings. Why do so many companies rely upon channel letter signage? Strong reasons support utilizing this type of display. This brief article points out reasons to consider allocating a portion of an advertising budget towards attractive channel letter signage on a regular basis.

Channel Letter Signs

Attractive channel letter signs consist of individual letters, logos, numbers, or other symbols formed in three dimensions (typically from vinyl or lightweight aluminum). Many advertisers illuminate this signage internally or externally. This type of signage enjoys widespread popularity in part due to its versatility.

Advertisers mount channel letter signs in a variety of forms: flush against walls, above entrances, along rooftops, and even on multi-sided columns. These signs typically are installed on the exterior of a building. Some channel letter signs can be found indoor though such as in a mall food court.

A Remarkably Effective Display

Why have channel letter signs become so pervasive in modern society? Strong evidence supports the conclusion these displays work very well in familiarizing the public with a company’s name, logo, and location. Unlike a short term radio ad or a television spot, a channel letter sign performs an advertising function on a 24/7/365 basis.

Many channel letter signs last for years with relatively low maintenance requirements. If hail or high winds damage this signage, advertisers need only replace parts of individual units. This aspect of channel letter signage helps make it a “bread-and-butter” type of promotional display for some enterprises. Reportedly, the Small Business Administration ranks this form of permanent advertising as less expensive on a cost-per-thousand basis than radio or television spots. While a business might need to invest significant sums in recurring radio and broadcast TV ad campaigns, channel letter signs produce an ongoing promotional impact for the life of the signage.

Consider Investing in Channel Letter Signage

Businesses seeking to invest advertising budgets as effectively as possible might consider allocating money every year towards adding and expanding their channel letter signage. A channel letter sign on four sides of a building helps promote a company from every direction, for instance.

Individual commercial circumstances vary, of course. Yet recognizing the promotional value of channel letter signs assists firms which depend for their survival upon local traffic. For turnkey signage services in SE Virginia, contact James River Signs at 757-598-4036.

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