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April 10, 2019

Hampton, VA – Showcase Commercial Fleets with Attractive Business Logos and Other Signage

Posted in: Industry News

One of the most affordable types of advertising for many companies involves the use of attractive fleet signage. Companies which rely upon their own vehicles for transportation purposes receive many advantages by using automotive advertising. This brief article discusses some of the reasons customers frequently request this product.

Highly Cost-Effective Commercial Advertising

The ability to reach large numbers of people with an advertising message on a recurring basis holds great value. Many businesses routinely allocate money to pay for street signage or billboard ads in order to establish their presence within a local community, for example. By relying upon stylish vehicle signage, businesses often accomplish this goal very cost-effectively. A single investment in a sign may continue to advertise the company’s existence for long periods of time.

Small wonder perhaps that some firms even pay vehicle owners to display ads for them (even if the company does not maintain a fleet). This form of advertising offers the benefits of repeatedly displaying the company’s name and logo to the public in specific markets. It reinforces the local nature of a firm’s activities.

Heightened Accountability

Companies which rely upon vehicles to transport business personnel, freight, or company equipment also obtain another important advantage by displaying the firm name and logo prominently: heightened accountability. Local people who observe the company’s fleet will sometimes offer personal feedback to management. The employees who drive vehicles from the corporate pool will realize their every action along the road reflects upon their job performance.

For example, if any of the company’s employees fail to drive responsibly and potentially endanger the safety of company personnel or property, managers have a much greater chance of learning about unsafe driving incidents promptly. They may institute measures to instill defensive driving practices in their work force. This process promotes safety.

Branding Benefits

Additionally, attractive vehicle signage enhances brand recognition. Perhaps for this reason, many business enterprises with large fleets prefer to use vehicles with prominent signage and stylish imagery. These companies include a wide array of businesses:

  • Moving Companies
  • Freight Haulers
  • Contractors
  • Delivery Services
  • Taxi Services
  • Security Firms and More

Further Information

Fleet owners and managers in Newport News and outlying communities along the James River appreciate the excellent fleet signage supplied by James River Signs. To request knowledgeable assistance with this product, simply contact us at 757-598-4036. We serve business enterprises of every size.

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