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March 31, 2022

Florence, AL – Pest Control Expert On Fire Ant Bites and Why They Sting So Badly

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Red imported fire ants aren’t expected to be in the United States, but these harmful bugs have made themselves in the house here. If you are stung by fire ants, you’ll probably recognize it. They swarm onto your skin as well as their stings seem like fire.

Fire ants vary in color from red-brown to black as well as grow up to 1/4 inch in length. They build nests or piles about 1 foot high, typically in grassy areas like lawns as well as fields. Unlike most mounds, fire ant nests do not have just one point of entry.fire ant bites

Fire ants are really hostile when their nest is interrupted. If provoked, they abound on the regarded intruder, anchor themselves by attacking to hold the skin secure, and afterward sting repetitively, infusing a toxin alkaloid venom called solenopsin. We refer to this action as “stinging.”.

Fire ant nests are like small cities, in some cases having as many as 200,000 ants, according to Texas A&M University. Inside these active swarms, women workers keep the nest’s framework and feed their young. Male drones breed with the queen or queens. When young queens grow in communities with more than one queen, they fly off with men to develop new nests.

Fire Ants in the United States

Red imported fire ants concerned the United States in the 1930s. They have prospered in the Southern states and relocated north because they had no local killers. There are fire ants belonging to the United States, but they are not as harmful or tough to eliminate as red fire imported ants.

Fire ants can withstand just about any type of challenge. Researchers at the University of Arkansas found that it would take 2 weeks of temperatures listed below 10 ┬░ F to eliminate a whole swarm. While fire ants kill and also eat various other bugs like normal ants, they have additionally been recognized to survive plants and also animals. Fire ants can even create nests on water and drift them to completely dry areas.


If fire ants sting you, opportunities are you’ll know. They attack in throngs, racing up upright surfaces (such as your leg) when their nests are disrupted. Each fire ant can sting a number of times.

To determine fire ant hurts, look for teams of inflamed red places that create a blister on the top. Stings hurt, impulse, as well as last approximately a week. Some people have hazardous allergic reactions to stings and also will need to seek instant medical aid.


Fire Ant Bite Treatment

Treat light hurting reactions by cleaning the afflicted area with soap as well as water and covering it with a bandage. Using ice can reduce the pain. Topical treatments consist of over-the-counter steroid creams and antihistamines to lower pain as well as itchiness.

Texas A&M University advises a natural home remedy solution of half bleach, half water. Other natural home remedies consist of diluted ammonium service, aloe vera, or astringents like witch hazel. These remedies may offer some relief, yet there is no hard proof to support their usage.

The sting, as well as bite marks, must go away in regarding a week. Damaging can cause the affected area to come to be infected, which can make sting as well as bite marks last longer.

Fire Ant Allergies

Anybody can create a hatred fire ant stings, although individuals who’ve been hurt before, go to higher risk. An allergy can be fatal. Indicators of an unsafe allergy include:.

  • unexpected problem breathing
  • problem swallowing
  • nausea
  • lightheadedness

Signs develop swiftly after direct exposure. It’s crucial to obtain emergency situation clinical treatment if you experience indicators of an allergic reaction to a fire ant sting.

If you have an extreme allergy, there are involved long-lasting treatments, consisting of whole-body remove immunotherapy. Throughout this process, an allergist-immunologist infuses ant removes and also venom right into your skin. Gradually, your sensitivity to the extracts and also poison must reduce.

Avoiding Ants

The best method to avoid fire ant stings is to steer clear of fire ants. If you see a nest, stand up to the temptation to disrupt it. Use footwear as well as socks when working and playing outdoors. If you are attacked by fire ants, relocate away from the nest and brush the ants off with a fabric or while putting on handwear covers so they can not sting your hands.

Fire ant colonies are hard to damage. There are some toxic lures that when applied on a regular basis may eliminate fire ants. The most typical is a chemical called piretherine. The very best time to make use of bait against fire ants is throughout the fall when ants are much less energetic. Specialist pest control businesses treat fire ants where they prevail. Blowing out a fire ant hillside with boiling water can likewise be effective for killing the ants, but it is also most likely to create the survivors to attack.

Fire ants are a growing problem in the southern United States. Prevent them whenever you can, and take fundamental protective actions when going outside, such as wearing footwear and also socks. Be on the lookout for a severe allergy in any person that has been hurt, as well as obtain emergency situation clinical help if required.

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