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Montgomery, TX

by: Michael Hopkins

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The Woodlands, TX – Best Selection for Customized Promotional Items Near You

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Universal Sign and Graphics is your local connection for promotional items. We offer thousands of promotional products from custom apparel, tumblers, and drinkware to executive gifts all personalized with your business logo. Promotional products are very different than a brochure or other traditional marketing tool in business marketing. Promotional products are design are design around the premise that the customer will use the product and therefore continually be reminded of the company whose logo adorns the product.

Universal Sign & Graphics Promo items

The Facts

Does it work? It sure does

Much better than you may realize. Research has continually shown that promotional products can generate significant consumer traffic to a business establishment, with as many as 89 percent of respondents in one recent survey conducted, who were able to recall specific names of companies imprinted on the promotional items. There are marketing advantages to creating and giving away promotional items, which include increased response rates and an improvement in business returns. Results for every company will vary compared to other conventional and costly advertising and marketing methods, promotional products are easy to obtain, affordable, and have an increased market reach and staying power.

A study by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) in 2009 concluded the following:

  • 94% of customers do in fact recall a promotional product they were given in the last two years.
  • 69% keep their promo product
  • 89%  recalled who the advertiser was that gave them the promo product
  • 83% liked receiving the promo product- good client experience
  • 48% would love to receive a promo product more often

In a separate part of the study some interesting facts were discovered. Promotional products were the only marketing materials showing significant results in recall. Promotional products garnered much higher recall in customers than print, television, and online media. So does this translate into purchases or leads? It sure does. Customers who were given a promotional product made a purchase more often than competing marketing media. 21% for promotional products, 13% for print, 7% for TV Commercials, and 5% for online media.

The Branding

Promotional products absolutely build brand awareness. A company should think about their branding and the promotional products they purchase. Don’t choose random products, choose the promotional items carefully. Does the product, message, and Logo invoke the Brand awareness that your company is looking for? The product should positively reflect the companies quality, culture, and brand.

Promotional products are an outstanding way to create brand recognition and recall. Giveaways should fit the company’s marketing plans, but should also be distinctive, high quality, and memorable. Promotional products offer a highly effective way to generate leads, increase sales, and raise brand awareness.

Branding is critical to all businesses. Clients see logos like United Airlines, Apple, and they immediately recognize what that logo is and which company it represents. Customers cant come to a business if they don’t know it. Promotional Products tell customers exactly who your company is and constantly reminds them of that!

Promotional products are a highly effective way of gaining customers. At Universal Sign and Graphics we offer thousands of promotional items to help you say thank you to your customers or advertise your business.

Come visit our online store and reach out to us for more information. We are experts in brand awareness, logo design, and promotional products.

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Find The Perfect Promotional Item Call for Quote in Montgomery County, Texas

Universal Signs and Graphics proudly serves individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs throughout Montgomery, the Woodlands, Conroe, Willis & Spring, Texas.

To start a consultation and get a no-commitment quote from our team, call 877-330-7532 or visit the Universal Signs and Graphics website.

When you are ready to look for promotional items in Houston and Montgomery area, contact us. Our dedication to keeping your project in-compliance and on-budget and are driven to save our clients money by:

Bundling sign services into a single fee

Providing expertise in consultation and design

Offering a broad selection of budget-friendly sign materials

Creating more opportunities for bulk-buy discounts

Passing down savings we get from trusted vendors and the Signworld business alliance.


Additionally, we are knowledgeable in the Montgomery and Houston area Code of Ordinances, which means your design and installation will always be in full compliance with local sign law saving you hundreds of dollars in fines and a Class C misdemeanor charge. We can also help with permits and variances as needed.


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Call 877-330-7532 or visit the Universal Signs and Graphics website to book a free consultation and get a same-day quote on any custom sign order.


“Best Sign Company in Montgomery, TX”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Montgomery County: Montgomery, Conroe, Spring, The Woodlands, Houston, TX


“Best Sign Company in Montgomery, TX”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Montgomery County: Montgomery, Conroe, Spring, The Woodlands, Houston, TX




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