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by: Michael Hopkins

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Montgomery TX – Maximize Your Marketing Reach With Custom Trailer Wraps

Benefits of Marketing on the Go

If your business relies on the use trailers, this article will help guide you on the value of implementing customized graphics, and how to prepare for installation as well as storing your wrapped trailer.

What are the benefits of Trailer, Vehicle, and Fleet Wraps?

  • Generate low cost recurring advertising
  • Build brand awareness and develop your company’s identity.
  • Reach a broader audience than static advertising and print
  • Increase local customer awareness about your brand, products, and services
  • Create a buzz and customer referrals for your company
  • Easily customize graphics to attract new and returning customers
  • Protect the original vehicle paint and body
  • Convenient to updated and easily removed

In case you are not yet sold on customized trailer wraps and are curious on how they can help boost your business, here are a few bullet points.

  • An advantage worth mentioning first is that installing a graphic wrap will turn your trailer into a moving billboard seen by thousands of people in your areas of operation.
    • 3M research shows that a single trailer wrap can generate 16 million visual impressions per year
  • Trailer wraps are perfect for temporary advertisements and events. Think of customized wraps more like temporary tattoos – where you don’t have to commit to a forever message. Instead, you can customize wraps according to your needs and timelines.
    • Need to hire employees and want to advertise in your area? You can add a temporary wrap stating that you are hiring and provide details on the best way for eligible candidates to contact your business.
    • When you are hauling for a large commercial brand and want to customize the graphics accordingly, wraps are a great temporary solution.
  • If you want to keep a consistent brand look, graphics make it easy to replace and update your trailer, keeping it looking in top condition.
    • Wraps are replaced either entirely or just partial areas.  Areas of high levels of exposure to wear and tear and damage from the sun and elements are usually the cause for graphic updates.
    • Wrapping your trailer will, also, help protect against the elements.
  • Outshine your competition with epic trailer wrap graphics and make your company stand out.
    • There are so many creative possibilities for trailer wraps, and Universal Sign and Graphics offers expert designers and installers who can bring your ideas to life!

Universal Sign and Graphics


Pre-Wrap Preparation

So now that you have decided to wrap your trailer – What’s next? First, identify the best areas for your trailer wrap installation. Whether you’re wrapping your trailer for personal or commercial use, you probably want to choose a spot that guarantees great visibility. But that should not be your only consideration.

Trailer wraps suit some surfaces better than others, and the wrong choice could shorten the lifespan considerably.

Most trailer wraps adhere particularly well to steel, aluminum, glass, melamine, and PVC. When possible, favor these surfaces for your trailer wrap installation, while avoiding:

  • Low-energy surfaces (polypropylene and polyethylene)
  • Grained or textured surfaces (parts of trailer mirrors or body trim)
  • Acrylic paints
  • Unpainted surfaces (e.g. trim or unpainted bumpers)

You should also avoid applying trailer wraps on rusted areas.

If you have any doubts about whether your chosen area is suitable, you have two options:

  1. Conduct preliminary substrate vinyl adhesion tests by applying a small stripe of vinyl, then evaluating its adhesion.
  2. Contact Universal Signs and Graphics for a free trailer wrap consultation. We can answer any questions you may have at no charge.

Wash and prep your vehicle before your trailer wrap installation

While it’s not the way we conduct business, there are some wrap install companies where you may be responsible for your pre-trailer wrap cleaning and preparation.

If that is the case, wash, clean, and rinse the surface of your trailer with soap and water to remove any organic contaminants (bugs, sap, dirt, dust, etc.) from the surface of the vehicle. Do not use any cleaners that contain waxes, as any wax residue will negatively affect your trailer wrap adhesion. Thoroughly dry the surfaces, paying particular attention to any ridges, recesses, edges, or seams where dirt can get trapped, as these provide crucial “anchor points” for the wrap.

Lights, handles, trims, and any other trailer accessories will need to be removed before your trailer wrap application.

But if you’re getting your trailer wrap at Universal Signs and Graphics, just relax—we take care of it all for you!

Prepare suitable storage for after your trailer wrap is complete.

Trailer wraps should not be exposed to high temperatures. While daytime driving and a few hours of outdoor parking pose no problems, you should plan to store your vehicle somewhere where it is neither in direct sunlight or near heaters.

Trailer wraps should not be exposed to contaminants. Though our trailer wraps are strong and durable, it’s always a good idea to keep them clear of contaminants when possible. Storing your trailer wraps in dusty garages or out in the elements is a bad idea, as you’ll need to spend much more time on cleaning and maintenance.

Free trailer wrap quotes in Montgomery, TX

Call 877-330-7532 or visit the Universal Signs and Graphics website to book a free consultation and get a trailer wrap quote today.

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“Best Sign Company in Montgomery, TX”

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