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October 10, 2020

Mesa, AZ – Basement Mold Prevention Call for Professional Mold Remediation

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Basement Mold

Is your basement suffering from mold infestation? Here’s what you can do!

Mold immediately grows in areas with excess moisture, warmth, and lack of sunlight, which makes your basement perfect to grow in. Basements usually stay humid and damp because of a lack of exposure to sunlight. Another leading cause of this dampness is leaky pipes and other plumbing issues. Moreover, the basement sucks in the moisture from the ground during rain and floods.

This prevalent humidity leads to mold formation in most basements. Mold is a serious issue, and it has several health impacts. It also damages your stored items and furniture in the basement. That’s why it’s important to eliminate it as soon as you identify its growth.

Identifying Mold

Preventing Mold

If you start observing small black spots in your basement, they are indicative of mold formation. However, black spots appear when the mold infestation has turned severe. It’s essential to be on your guard and identify it before it reaches that stage.

The first sign of mold is the musty smell in your basement. Since the basement is a closed space, you can easily identify any unusual smells. The general feeling o dampness is another indicator of mold infestation.

Mold usually grows in hidden and dark corners with high humidity. That’s why it can be challenging to detect it at first. You’ll have to check the hidden nooks and corners of your basement regularly. Look around vents, pipes, behind wallpapers, and under furniture.

The sooner you identify mold, the easier it will be to eliminate it. If the mold colonies have already grown to an unmanageable size, you must call professional mold remediation services to get rid of it for you.

Preventing Mold

If you’re proactive in taking measures, you can prevent your basement from getting infested with mold. Take a look at the following tips:

  • Regular cleaning: Clean and vacuum your basement regularly to eliminate any possible causes of mold growth. Consider running a HEPA filter in your basement to keep it dry and remove any mold growth. Make sure you clean and dry all the hidden corners and dark spots.
  • Reduce moisture: Check for any pipe leakage or water dripping in your basement. Get an efficient dehumidifier for your basement to free it from humidity. Vacuum clean your basement after water damage or heavy rain.
  • Declutter space: Make sure you do not store any unnecessary items in your basement. If you keep your basement cluttered, mold will have more places to grow on and infest. Get rid of things that you don’t need.
  • Make your basement waterproof:If possible, get your basement walls waterproofed. Regularly check and maintain your pipes and water tubes to prevent leakage.
  • Keep your gutters unclogged: By keeping your gutters clean and unclogged, you can prevent the seepage of rainwater into the basement.
  • Install exhaust fans: Exhaust fans will ensure that your basement stays dry, and any water leakage is dried out immediately.

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