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Mesa, AZ | 7 Biggest Myths About Mold Damage Busted | Mold Damage News

Are you aware of the myths that float around regarding mold? Stick around for they all are about to get busted

Mold damage isn’t uncommon in most households and is highly misunderstood. If you are currently faced with mold damage on your property, there might be several questions popping up inside your head. Don’t turn to the internet, for it will only deepen your confusion. Some people think that mold damage can be eliminated through household products, while some believe that you need to tear the house down. There aren’t many reliable facts on mold out there, which makes it even scary for you.

To make your life easy, we have put together a list of myths about mold growth. Let’s find them out.

Myth # 1: It Is Rare

Contrary to popular belief, mold isn’t rare at all. Mold spores tend to float around all the time. The only problem is that they are invisible to the naked eye. To cause mold damage to one’s property, mold spores need a significant amount of moisture. Mold is something that cannot get extinct. However, by keeping your home or office clean and dry, you can mitigate the possibility of mold growth.

 Myth # 2: Black Mold Is Dangerous 

One of the most common categories of mold is toxigenic mold, and black mold falls into this category. However, not every dark-colored mold can be referred to as black mold. The most destructive types of mold come in all colors such as white, brown or green.

Myth # 3: it is Toxic 

In reality, mold isn’t toxic, but it is dangerous to human health. The toxicity refers to the reaction people have when exposed to mold. The way a person reacts to mold exposure is different from their reaction to a poisonous substance. If mold is present in an extensive amount, breathing can result in respiratory issues, but it certainly won’t kill you on the spot.

Myth # 4: Asthmatic Patients and Children are Vulnerable to Mold  

It is a fact that asthmatic patients are vulnerable to mold, and children are no exception. However, even the healthiest of adults experience coughing, sneezing and sore throat, when exposed to mold.

Mold Growth

Myth # 5: Water Leaks Result in Mold Growth 

As discussed above, mold needs moisture and organic matter to grow. Therefore, most people are anxious about water leakage, for they fear that it may lead to mold growth, right off the bat. In reality, moisture isn’t a direct product of water damage. If you don’t have proper ventilation on your property, mold damage can occur, even if there is no water damage.

Myth # 6: Negligible Mold Isn’t Harmful 

A small and negligible amount of mold seems harmless and is often ignored by homeowners. The slightest amount of mold behind wallpapers, and insulation can result in a bigger problem if left untreated, so take heed.

Myth # 7: Mold Removal is a DIY Job 

There are so many DIY mold removal videos stashed all across the internet, and some might even be true. However, removing mold with water and vinegar is possible only if the damage is negligible. Once the damage increases, you will need a mold removal professional to inspect your property and remove mold completely.


If you have observed signs of mold on your property, visit our website now, and get your home or office inspected.

Mesa, AZ – Ways to Prevent Basement Flooding | Water Damage Restoration News

Do you want to prevent basement flooding?

With spring just around the corner, there are so many things to look forward to. Bright sunlight, blooming flowers, and chirping of the birds are just a few of the several things to love about the spring season. However, one thing that one dreads even talking about is basement flooding. If you have experienced basement flooding in the past, the following tips will help you prevent it from happening again.

Check Your Gutters

Chocked gutters and downspouts are a few of the many reasons behind basement flooding. To avoid this issue, make sure to remove all the debris near your gutters. Also, the downspouts should be situated at least 3 feet away from the foundation. Even if it rains, the distant downspouts will make rainwater flow far away from your home. To make things easy for you, consider using troughs or extensions.

Eliminate Foundation Cracks

Choked gutters aren’t the only perpetrators behind basement flooding. Foundation cracks are just as bad. As a responsible homeowner, make sure to inspect your basement’s walls and floors for any cracks. If you find a crack or two, use high-quality epoxy to fill them up. You can even resort to a heavy-duty indoor masonry sealer. If dealing with these cracks is hard for you, it’s better to contact professionals like the ones we have at STOP.

Sewers and Septic Tanks

Chances are that you haven’t cleaned your septic tanks and sewers in a long time. Well, spring might be the right time to get this done with. Because of prolonged and heavy rainfall, sewers and septic tanks can get clogged. Clogged septic tanks and sewers must be maintained regularly to minimize the chances of basement flooding.

Install Window Well Covers

One of the easiest ways for rainwater to enter the basement is through the basement windows. In case you have substandard basement windows, consider investing in high-quality window well covers. These covers should fasten well to the foundation of your house. Clear acrylic covers keep out water, debris, and pests while allowing sunlight to enter.


Sump Pumps

One of the best ways to prevent basement flooding is to take the utmost care of your sump pump. In case you have a substandard sump pump, its well should remain free of all forms of debris. If your sump pump is a portable one, it should be placed in the lowest part of the basement. Make sure the sump pump is well connected to a power source.

A flooded basement is not only difficult to deal with, but it also opens the doors to bigger problems like mold and mildew growth. These contaminants, besides jeopardizing the structural integrity of your house, are detrimental to human health. To avoid such unpleasant happenings, make sure not to skimp on any of the tips mentioned above.

If you are currently struggling with a flooded basement or other types of water damage, visit our website, and get in touch with our personnel.


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BIO: Ed is a husband, father, and grandfather. Worked in the rugged embedded computing world for nearly 30 years before venturing into the emergency service world in 2014. We take the fear out of the problem whether it be water, mold, fire, or bio damage.