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Los Angeles, CA – Beef on Weck: Roast Beef with Some Kick | Sandwich Shop News

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Do You Want to Have a Roast Beef Sandwich but with a Twist?

Roast Beef

Head over to Top Round Sandwich to try their Beef on Weck Sandwich now!

Top Round Sandwich is your place to be if you love beef sandwiches with some extra kick. Top Round is popular for its roast beef sandwiches, but their Beef on Weck sandwich is also a must-try! They serve this scrumptious sandwich on kimmelweck bread, which is seasoned with kosher salt and caraway seeds. Inside the bread is rare and thinly sliced beef, with a dash of au jus and horseradish placed on the top bread.

Roast Beef with Some Kick Only at Top Round Sandwich Shop

Top Round Sandwich Shop was founded by Anthony, Fretz, Jamie, Noah, and Saukok, five outstanding cooks who wanted to bring the old-school roast beef sandwich back to life. They learned growing up in St. Louis and Buffalo that flavor and quality were the most important factors in bringing back childhood memories. As a result, they decided to bring back the flavors together with authentic recipes in order to take you on the same journey with the finest roast beef sandwich you’ll ever have.

Top Round’s roast beef sandwiches are produced using USDA-approved beef, ensuring that they are of the highest possible quality. This soft, juicy beef cut is obtained from healthy calves, and is then slowly roasted for hours to enhance its flavor. The beef is made to retain its tenderness and natural flavor balance after being seasoned with delectable spices by roasting it for several hours at the perfect temperature. The sandwiches are also topped with au jus for a burst of meaty, rich flavor. For our sandwiches, we roast the beef every day to ensure that what you get is freshly prepared specifically for you. This is what makes our roast beef sandwich “melt-in-your-mouth” delicious!

Top Round Sandwich Shop also serves chopped roast beef sandwiches that are roughly chopped, so it blends perfectly with the authentic barbecue sauce that we make from scratch and have perfected over the years.

Our menu includes the following beef sandwiches:

Beef on Weck: This mighty sandwich is served with a peppery horseradish sauce and special sea salt bread.

Horse & Hole: We make this burger using a sesame bun with roasted mushrooms and provel, a popular cheese in St. Louis that provides that true buttery flavor.

Black & Blue: This sandwich will become your all-time favorite. It is prepared carefully with just the right amount of blue cheese and caramelized onions.

Beef & Cheese: This beef sandwich is topped with Wizz sauce and cheese prepared from scratch and it is delicious and very crispy.

O.G. Beef: Soaked in our delectable seasoning shake and au jus, this sandwich is a perfect meal for you.

Beef Cali: It’s a great choice, especially when paired with avocados and ranch sauce to give you that California vibe.

Bar-B-Cue: This is our kitchen’s only chopped roast beef sandwich, drenched in our smokey sweet BBQ sauce, which is perfect for your sweet and salty taste buds.

Experience the Delicious Goodness Yourself

Head over to Top Round Sandwich Shop in LA today and experience the delicious goodness of Beef on Weck sandwiches yourself!

“Best Sandwich Shop in Los Angeles, CA”

Top Rated Local Roast Beef / Burgers / Crispy Chicken Sandwiches

Los Angeles County: Los Angeles, CA


“Best Sandwich Shop in Los Angeles, CA”

Top Rated Local Roast Beef / Burgers / Crispy Chicken Sandwiches

Los Angeles County: Los Angeles, CA

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Los Angeles, CA – Beef on Weck: Roast Beef with Some Kick | Sandwich Shop News