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Glendale, CA – Visit Top Round Sandwich Shop in LA for Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Are you a grilled cheese fan? Well, you need to try out the grilled cheesed sandwich at Top Round Sandwich Shop to finally find the perfect one! Located in California, Top Round Sandwich Shop has received a lot of praise for its authentic flavors and melt-in-your-mouth sandwiches. Grilled cheese is definitely one of them. It’s just perfect! If you ha…

Los Angeles, CA – Visit TR Sandwich Shop in LA for the Best Roast Beef Sandwich

Have you tried Top Rounds slow roast beef sandwiches? If not, you’re missing out on the best in town! Roast beef sandwiches are a classic staple in every restaurant or fast food joint. But, Top Round Sandwich Shops slow roast beef sandwich is on another level. What sets Top Round apart? Well, here’s the beef; pun intended. But first, let’s introduc…

Beverly Hills, CA – Sandwich Shop Review | Our Top-Rated Chili Cheese Burgers

If you haven’t tried the chili cheeseburgers at Top Round, then you’re definitely missing out. Nothing beats the chili cheeseburgers at Top Round! They’re made with just the right balance of ingredients, all of which pair perfectly together to make every bite memorable. You’re sure to come back for more and post a picture of it on your Instagram as so…

Pasadena, CA – Sandwich Shop Review |Angus Beef Burgers: Pastrami & Chili Cheese

Here’s the deal: you won’t find the perfect Angus beef burgers, cooked to order and perfection anywhere else except at Top Round Pasadena. So head on over now! You know a good meaty beef burger when you see one. The high-quality juicy beef patty nestled in hand-made buns speaks for itself and brings a burst of flavor with the very first bite. At Top R…

Los Angeles, CA – Searching Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches in LA? Try TR Sandwich Sh…

Have you still not found the perfect buffalo chicken sandwich in LA? You need to try out Top Round Sandwich Shop and find one today! A good buffalo chicken sandwich is hard to find. But in LA it isn’t! The perfect mix of flavors that complement each other in every bite is probably what you have been searching for all your life. Not anymore! This pe…

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