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Dallas, TX – Our Sign Company Offers Custom A-Frame Signs for Hair Salons

SYNOPSIS: At Leaderboard Signs, we create eye-catching, custom A-frame exterior signs to help Dallas hair salons grab attention and bring in more clients. Our signs are designed to showcase each salon’s unique

Turn Heads and Attract Clients: A-Frame Signs

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As a new or growing hair salon in the Dallas area, making your business stand out is critical to attracting clients in a competitive market. An impactful way to grab attention and promote your salon is through exterior signage – and few options draw the eye better than vibrant, double-sided A-frame signs. At Leaderboard Signs, we specialize in creating customized A-frame signs to help hair salons communicate their brand, promotions, and services to the Dallas community.

The Benefits of A-Frame Signs

What makes A-frame signage such an effective marketing investment for hair salons? For starters, these standalone signs placed outside your storefront are hard to miss. The two angled faces catch light and color in a way that flat signs can’t, ensuring your messages, offers, and even just your salon’s name get noticed.

A-frames also give you versatility – with easy changes to the bold graphics, you can highlight new promotions or seasonal deals. As a salon owner, you know client traffic and buzz is key. A-frames create visual disruption outside your door so new and returning customers take interest each time they pass by your salon.

Crafting Striking, Compliant Signs

With weather fluctuations in Dallas, from hot summers to winter winds, salon owners need exterior signs made of durable materials suitable for long-term outdoor display. At Leaderboard Signs, we use weatherproof substrates and inks to create A-frames that withstand the elements while looking vibrant.

We also stay current on local regulations for signage size, placement, and design standards. Our team handles compliance particulars – measurements, permits, codes – so your custom A-frame meets requirements across Dallas area cities. With our expertise taking care of legal details, you can focus on using your sign to grow your salon business.

Reflecting Your Salon’s Unique Brand & Style

A successful A-frame sign doesn’t just check practical boxes – it expresses your salon’s one-of-a-kind personality and brand image. That’s why at Leaderboard Signs, customization is key. When designing for hair salons, we work closely with owners on:

  • Color palette: Vibrant colors that reflect your branding grab the most attention from sidewalks/streets. We help you translate the tones and hues that express your salon’s attitude.
  • Typography: Font styles also communicate brand essence. Bold? Whimsical? Retro? We design display typeface and supporting text to align with your image.
  • Graphics: From abstract patterns to lifestyle photography, images make A-frames impactful. We incorporate graphical elements that reinforce your salon’s visual identity.
  • Messaging: Your A-frame real estate is valuable. We strategize highest-impact messages to promote whether it’s your salon name, special offers, awards/accolades, or appointment booking info.

With thoughtful design choices, we create A-frames that stop pedestrians in their tracks as they immediately recognize your salon’s signature look and style.

Hassle-Free Process Delivering Lasting Returns

From concept to installation, Leaderboard Signs makes the A-frame sign process smooth and efficient for hair salons:

  • Complimentary design consultation: We start by meeting with you to understand your salon branding, goals for the A-frame, location specifics, and review key sign regulations.
  • Proposed design with fast revisions: We transform insights from our consultation into an A-frame design aligned with your needs and preferences. Quick revisions ensure you get the perfect sign.
  • Production and delivery in just weeks: We utilize state-of-the-art printing technology for quick turnaround. You’ll have your durable, vibrant new A-frame sign ready for high visibility in just a few weeks.
  • DIY set up: Setup requires just minutes on your own.

With an eye-catching A-frame outside your door announcing your salon’s services, deals, and brand to everyone passing by your Dallas location, you’re sure to see great returns. Let Leaderboard Signs make your investment in an exterior sign easy and fruitful. We create A-frames that get your salon noticed!

Contact our team today to get your custom hair salon A-frame project started!

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“Best Sign Company in Lewisville, TX”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

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Dallas, TX – Our Sign Company Offers Custom A-Frame Signs for Hair Salons