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Lafayette, CA

by: Rebecca Walker


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Lafayette, CA | Relation Between Meditation and Weight Loss | Weight Loss News

Does mediation actually help you lose weight? Let’s find out.

When we think about weight loss, the first two things that pop up inside our heads are diet and exercise, which is fine. However, research shows that mindfulness is a useful way of managing your appetite, and fostering healthy workout routines. A good way of being mindful is through meditation. To begin with, start breathing slow, and slowly allow your body sensations, and determine your hunger cues.


Here are four easy ways meditation can be used for weight loss.


Meditation Reduces Stress 

Not only regular meditation calms you down but it also reduces the effects of stress on your body. Life is a great balancing act the makes you manage work, family, social relationships and a never-ending spiral of responsibilities. Amidst life’s rich tapestry, it isn’t unusual for us humans to feel stressed. When we are faced with trouble, our brain produces the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol tends to mess up our insulin and blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that meditation helps us relax, reduces the level of cortisol and also aligns our nervous system. Even if you can breathe deeply for a few minutes at stretch, you will experience a sudden decline in your cortisol level.


It Helps You Focus 

Oftentimes, when people meditate, they have a specific goal in mind. One of the many goals people have when mediating could be to lose weight. By backing your meditative efforts with weight loss, you are in a way exposing the goal to the entire universe. Unintentionally, your subconscious is aware that you are trying to shed away that belly flab of yours. Even if you are done meditating, the intent to lose weight and being slim will stay with you, and shape your intentions accordingly. It seems strange, but meditating to lose weight can take over your brain, and make you avoid any distractions that stand between you and your goal to look slim.

Eat Consciously

It Makes Your Eat Consciously 

Mediating regularly enhances the level of your mindfulness and awareness. As a result, you get to focus on your present and live your life to the fullest. To you, it might seem a little subjective, but in reality, it isn’t. As discussed, mediation makes you self-aware and helps you think a million times before you succumb to your impulsiveness. So the next time you are compelled to order a super cheesy beef burger, you will order a green salad instead. Not only will this help you get in shape, but you will find yourself more able to appreciate the taste and texture of simpler foods.


Helps You Sleep Peacefully 

One of the many reasons we put on weight is because we aren’t able to sleep peacefully. Having adequate sleep is key to having good health, and the inability to sleep minimizes your chances of losing weight. First of all, insomnia spikes your level of cortisol, and you continue to gain weight. Simultaneously, the hormone called ghrelin is also activated, and it makes you feel hungry. Luckily, meditation increases the levels of melatonin in your body which is the hormone that regulates sleep.


Meditation offers an all in one health package, which helps you calm down, sleep well, eat healthily and lose weight. So start meditating mindfully today.


If you need more information on mediation and ways to lose weight, visit our website today.

Lafayette, CA | Benefits of Cannab-FS Supplement By Designs for Health

Do you want to manage pain, have a healthy stomach and improve your immunity? Try Cannab-FS, your all in one package.

As living beings, we are always surrounded by various health problems. Sometimes, it’s physical pain that takes our peace of mind away. Sometimes, it’s a bad mood that ruins our day, and sometimes it’s just a bad stomach. Things get even worse when our immune system starts to break down, and we start having problem after problem. When all of these things combine, we become dependent upon medications, which can be really frustrating. Imagine if there was a magic pill for all of the above-mentioned problems. There is not a magic pill that is one-size-fits-all but CBD can make a huge impact in a lot of people’s lives. Designs for Health is a brand trusted by Cambiati Wellness and Luckily, they have a whole line of CBD products that are effective and can help with a variety of concerns. Cannab-FS is a line of CBD supplements that are liquid or capsules and have varying amounts of CBD depending on your specific goal.



The Cannab-FS offers an organic base of Hemp seed oil and comes in various doses ranging from 300 to 900mg of CBD. Regardless of dosage, the Cannab-FS line offers comprehensive cannabinoids extracted from the Hemp plant. Every Cannab-FS product by Designs for Health contains Terpenes. Terpenes are the natural compounds contained within the Hemp plant that form a strong synergy with phytocannabinoids, thus adding to their properties that benefit our health. The good news is that all Cannab-FS supplements contain less than 0.5% THC.



Before we move towards the benefits of this wonderful supplement, let’s spare a moment and understand what phytocannabinoids are. In the Hemp plant, certain compounds benefit human health. In scientific terms, these compounds are referred to as phytocannabinoids. There are numerous species of cannabis, and each of them provides at least 100 different types of cannabinoids. However, medical science focuses only on two of these compounds, namely cannabidiol (CBD), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


Phytocannabinoids interact with cannabinoid receptors in the human body, in the same way as a lock interacts with its key. The human body contains a communication system known as the Endocannabinoid system, of which cannabinoid receptors are a part. This communication system stretches throughout the human nervous system, and also covers the immune system, reproduction, heart, lungs, arteries, and stomach. All across the globe, scientists have studied the potential benefits of Phytocannabinoids for the human neurological system.

Benefits of Cannab-FS Supplements 

CANNAB-FS Supplements

CBD is one such phytocannabinoid found in the stalk, flowers, and seeds of cannabis, which is also known as Hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC. Let’s take a look at some of the major health benefits of the CBD.

  • Pain Management: CBD has a positive impact on the central nervous system. As a result, the nervous system responds to every stimulus that affects our immune system. When that happens, we find ourselves more able to manage pain.
  • Better Mood: When cannabinoid receptors are activated by CBD, secretion of the neurotransmitters takes place, thus improving our mood, memory, outlook and cognitive function.
  • Gastrointestinal (GI) Health: CBD improves our stomach health by easing the digestion.
  • Better Immunity: Because of CBD, the cannabinoid receptors improve cellular activity, thus improving the immune system.


If you want to delve into a world of multiple health benefits, the Cannab-FS supplements should on your priority list.


If you need help and information on health and general well-being make sure to visit our website today. 


Lafayette, CA – 4 Tips You Must Follow For Effective Cleansing | Health News

Do you need tips for effective inner cleansing?  

Our health and wellbeing depend heavily on how we fuel ourselves. Amidst the over-indulgence, we often don’t realize how much of an impact our food choices have on how we feel. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic pill to turn things around overnight. However, it is quite possible to make changes in our eating habits and commit to them with utmost sincerity.

To make things easy for you, we have put together a few simple tips that will help in the internal cleaning of your body.

Physical Activity

The best way to cleanse your system is to incorporate some form of exercise in your everyday schedule. Some brisk walk, a slow jog, a few pushups, and planking sessions can help that blood rushing through your veins. As a result, your body will get a chance to flush away unhealthy toxins. The above mentioned are some of the most simple yet effective forms of exercise, you don’t need a gym for. All you have to be is punctual, and soon, you will start feeling healthier. Be aware though, a lot of people think physical activity is connected to weight loss and it’s not! It’s all about the food that you put into your body.

A Clean Diet

Try not to skimp on your breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a slight snack, somewhere in the middle. Make sure, not to have an empty stomach, especially if your job is physically or mentally arduous. Your meals should comprise of real and whole foods only. You must incorporate some green vegetables into your daily diet. Green veggies have fiber, which cleanses you on the inside, and keeps your stomach functioning. Secondly, never avoid your daily dose of lean protein. Chicken breast, fish, eggs, olives, and nuts are some of the richest sources of protein.

As discussed above, if you are serious about cleansing, then you’ll have to eat clean. Give up on processed and packaged foods today. It will take time, but soon you will develop a habit of eating clean. Also, if not eliminate, at least reduce the amount of sodium and sugar you consume daily.

Lemon Water

The first thing that should enter your system when you wake up in the morning is a nice and refreshing glass of warm or cold lemon water. The pectin in lemon not only provides detoxification but also improves your digestion. The combination of lemon and water enhances satiety and curbs your appetite.

Dandelion Root Tea

Hey! Did you just open up that bottle of soft drink? Put that away, right now. Instead, have something as refreshing as dandelion root tea on your busy afternoon. If possible, combine a cup of this tea with some cucumbers and almonds. Not only does dandelion facilitate digestion, but it also supports your metabolism, while keeping your skin healthy and glowing. If you don’t like the taste of the dandelion tea, have green tea with antioxidants.

These were just some of the many tips for effective cleansing. For more help and guidance, visit our website now.


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BIO: CAMBIATI WELLNESS PROGRAMS is a local weight loss center / clinic serving the greater Contra Costa County area, from Walnut Creek to Concord to Danville. Since 2009 our team of nutritionists and dietitians have taught over 6,000 people...