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Charlotte, NC – Bathroom Water Damage Prevention | Mecklenburg Residents

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Worried about water damage in your bathroom? Study these tips to prevent water from wreaking havoc in your bathroom.

Pretty much everything that happens in your bathroom requires water, so it’s no wonder that 75% of all water usage in homes occur there. This makes your bathroom most vulnerable to water damage issues, as water can seep into the floors and walls and pave the way for structural damage and mold issues.

Here are some of the valuable tips for water damage prevention in your bathroom:

Inspect the ToiletsSink

Make it a point to regularly inspect the seal at the bottom of your toilet. Get it replaced if you spot water near the base. Apart from that, keep an eye on the tank for leakage. A common sign for tank leakage is a constantly filling tank. The water that continually drips results in tank leakage and water damage to your bathroom. The water lines that lead to your toilet can also be a source of damage, so keep a check on them too.

Check the Showers and Tubs

Cracked or missing tiles or grout allows water to seep and collect behind tiles and damage the walls. The same can happen if the caulking around showers and tubs are not in good condition. To avoid this, keep a check on the tiles, grout, and caulking and repair them when needed. Besides, don’t allow water to sit in the tub or on the bathroom floor. Wipe the floor dry once you’re done showering. Try your best to keep the area dry, perhaps by installing an exhaust fan that would pull the moist air out of our bathroom.

Keep an Eye on Faucets and Sinks

These fixtures come into contact with moisture multiple times a day. Persistent collection of moisture around the tap and dripping faucets are clear signs of a water leak, which may look negligible but often lead to bigger problems. When you detect them, call a plumbing professional to get these fixed. Broken or missing grout and seals on sinks also need to be repaired or replaced.

Check Other Plumbing Areas

Some types of water leaks can be difficult to track in your bathroom. For instance, piping that’s subject to leaks but is hiding behind the walls can go undetected for a long time. Keep looking for discoloration and damp spots on walls to detect them. Furthermore, stains, soft spots, and discoloration that you observe in surrounding rooms may also indicate moisture issues originating from the bathroom. Also, if you reside in a two-story home or apartment, look for dampness on the ceiling of bathrooms of lower floors.

Closing Thoughts

Due to extensive water usage, bathrooms are most susceptible to water damage in homes. Now that you know the reasons and the techniques to avoid water damage, take action now. If following the above-explained tips doesn’t help you track mold growth, you certainly need professional help.

For effective water damage restoration and mold inspection, get in touch with STOP Restoration today.

“Best Home Restoration Company in Huntersville, NC”

Top Rated Local Restoration / Water Damage Repair Company

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“Best Home Restoration Company in Huntersville, NC”

Top Rated Local Restoration / Water Damage Repair Company

Mecklenburg County: Huntersville, , , , , NC

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Charlotte, NC – Bathroom Water Damage Prevention | Mecklenburg Residents