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January 26, 2021

Houston, TX – Commercial Glass Recycling Services for Offices and Communities

Posted in: Industry News

At Mission Recycle our goal is to provide residential and commercial recycling solutions for the city of Houston in order to reduce the number of recyclable materials ending up in landfills. Strong commitments to recycling programs can help support the environment by saving on natural resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and cutting down on pollution. One type of recyclable material that is left out in cities across the nation is glass. At Mission Recycle, we made it part of our mission to recycle glass because of how it doesn’t contribute to pollution and can be reused in a number of ways.

Benefits of Glass Recycling

It takes more energy consumption to use raw materials and natural resources as opposed to recycling glass products and finding new uses for them. The manufacturing process for creating glass for the first time uses up a lot of energy, while recycled glass requires significantly fewer materials and lower temperatures. Glass actually has the added benefit of being a reusable material for a number of household goods and items, like reusable food storage receptacles. Glass is also non-porous and does not have chemical reactions like some of its plastic product counterparts.

Recycling for Offices and Commercial Spaces

Whether you are a small or large company, Mission Recycle offers a wide range of recycling services to suit your needs. You can set up regularly scheduled pick-up times for Mission Recycle to safely transport your recyclable materials to the appropriate Houston recycling centers. We also offer the opportunity to schedule one-time pickups for when you have an excess of recyclable materials.

Recycling for Communities and Residences

Local residents of Houston can also enjoy the benefits of an easy and effective community recycling program with Mission Recycle. We pick up plastics, cardboard, paper, aluminum, and glass materials on a regular schedule. Join the Mission Recycle commitment to recycling and help make your Houston community and the world a safer, healthier place.

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