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Hayward, CA – The Best Age to Get a Life Insurance Plan | Life Insurance News


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What do you think is the best age to get a life insurance plan? 

To be honest, the best age to get life insurance is right after you come into this world. A life insurance policy is affected by age. It means that the older you get, the more costly a life insurance plan will be. However, most youngsters tend to put life insurance on the backburner. They are too busy paying off car loans and other liabilities.

In present times, most life insurance buyers are middle-aged or older individuals. Moreover, the youngsters are staying single for too long and accumulating tons of debt. Because of debt, they have lesser income than their parents. Paying off debt is important, but missing out on life insurance has its downsides too. In some cases, it is as bad as not being able to save for your retirement. The sooner you seek life insurance, the better off you’d be.

Life insurance is cash deferred, and its cash value tends to grow with time. The cost of life insurance is fixed for as long as the term is. The premiums paid for a whole life policy tend to accumulate over time and can turn into a considerable amount before you get to use them. The cash value of your life insurance can be used for several purposes, like paying for your house’s first installment. If you can hold it long enough, that money can be used as retirement income.

However, the primary purpose behind life insurance revolves around two main things: income and debt.

Debt and Life Insurance 

If you are a fresh graduate who has recently entered the workforce without any life insurance, you may resort to a credit card to pay for expenses. Initially, it seems harmless, but with time, credit card debt can wreak havoc for the debtor. Usually, fresh grads tend to purchase life insurance to pay off the assumed debt. However, a person in their early twenties is more worried about the payment of current bills than acquiring loans.

Ideally, the right age to seek life insurance is when you are under 35 years of age. However, most millennials tend to put life insurance on the back burner, which is a foolish thing to do. In the US, more than half of the policyholders are more than 45 years of age. Between 1960 and 2010, the marital rates dropped by 21%. This also resulted in a reduction in the number of people opting for a life insurance policy, despite the benefits of purchasing it earlier on.

Income and Life Insurance 

As discussed above, fewer people are getting married. This trend has decreased the number of dual-income households in the US. The purpose of life insurance is to offer financial assistance to a family in the event of the death of the breadwinner. However, the premium on life insurance has remained flat for quite some time. Almost 45% of Americans don’t have life insurance. More than half of those people say that paying for the internet, cable, shopping, and fine dining takes precedence over a prospective life insurance plan.


If you are putting off life insurance for whatever reasons, the following points might change your mind.

  • The sooner you purchase a life insurance policy, the cheaper it will be.
  • A senior can purchase a life insurance plan for a minor.
  • The best age to seek life insurance is under 35.

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 Hayward, CA – The Best Age to Get a Life Insurance Plan | Life Insurance News