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Hayward, CA – 5 Common Misconceptions about Life Insurance Every Customer Has


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Interested in getting clarification on some common misconceptions about life insurance?

If the thought of buying life insurance troubles you, chances are that you have been misled about the subject. There are many undeniable benefits of buying life insurance that you shouldn’t be deprived of simply because you have some misconceptions. Continue reading this article if you’re interested in getting some clarification on the 5 most common misconceptions about life insurance every customer has. You’ll definitely be surprised to know the facts.

  1. Life Insurance is Unfairly Expensive

Many people just assume that life insurance is outrageously expensive without doing any proper research to find out about premiums. Offering life insurance is a highly competitive business so the companies in the market are constantly working to offer improved cheaper plans. This is why you shouldn’t just misjudge the cost of a life insurance policy but instead conduct research to compare the prices. You’ll easily be able to find a plan with a monthly premium that suits your budget.

  1. I’m too Young to Buy Life Insurance

Just because you’re in your late twenties doesn’t mean you’re too young to buy life insurance. Life is unpredictable and accidents can happen out of the blue. Buying life insurance can help with expenditures like student loans or the expenses of a funeral and burial in case of sudden death. Moreover, you should surely consider buying life insurance if you have any dependents that you are financially supporting.

  1. The Coverage I Get through My Employer is Enough

Most people have the misconception that the insurance their employer provides them is enough. This is not always practical because you may switch jobs in the future upon which your insurance will expire. You can also get laid off by your employer at some point and this would mean you no longer have an insurance plan.

Furthermore, employee life insurance payouts tend to be generally much lower than other life insurance plans. This means the payout your family will receive from your employer upon your demise might not be enough. If you want to secure their financial position and make sure they live comfortably, then it’s a wise decision to buy life insurance.

  1. I Don’t Need Life Insurance Because I’m not the Breadwinner

Another commonly held misconception is that just people think they don’t need life insurance simply because they’re not the breadwinner in their household. Even if you’re a stay-at-home parent and don’t generate any income for the household, you still play an important role. You do your part by taking care of the children, driving them around, and cleaning the house. All these services will cost actual money once you’re not around and this is why you should buy life insurance.

  1. Term Insurance is Always Cheaper than Permanent Life Insurance

While it’s true that term insurance is cheaper when you’re younger and free of illnesses, term insurance can actually cost a lot more in the later years of your life. This is why it’s a more financially sound decision to buy Permanent life insurance in young age to get a plan with a more affordable premium in the long run.

We hope we’ve been able to clear up some confusion about the most prevalent misunderstandings about life insurance. Buying life insurance seems tricky at first but it doesn’t always have to be. All you have to do to find an affordable plan is proper research to compare the premiums.

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“Best Best Insurance Company in Hayward, CA”

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Hayward, CA – 5 Common Misconceptions about Life Insurance Every Customer Has